Learn to make Phishing Page for Facebook

Making a Phishing Page for facebook  is very easy ..Don’t know what is phishing than let me first of all tell you in short what phishing is?
Phishing is the attempt to get the personal information such as username, password etc by using a fake page! They send out e-mails that appears to come from the legitimate websites such as e-bay,Paypal etc and when you click those links they ask you to enter your details such as password, e-mail, Credit card number and once you enter your details the phisher will get all your details!

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can make phishing page for Facebook.

phishing page for facebook

[su_note note_color=”#f3acc8″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]NOTE: This tutorial is for Education Purpose only don’t misuse it,We will not hold any responsibility if it is being misused !  [/su_note]

We have taken an example of facebook to create a Phishing page but you can make any Social networking site phishing page by following exact steps as listed below!

Step 1:

Download Post.php from the link provided: Click here to download it.

Step 2:

Now go to www.facebook.com (Make sure that you are logged out!).Now Right click anywhere on the facebook home page and click on “view page source” from the menu. Alternatively you can get the source code of any site like gmail, facebook that as login form and create the phishing page by following other steps as it is.


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Phishing Page

Step 3:

After clicking on “view page source” ,a new window will open with html coding in it.Press CTRL+A your keyboard to select the entire code and then press CTRL+C your keyboard to copy the code.

Step 4:

Open Notepad and paste the entire code in it, now scroll notepad to the top. Press CTRL+F of your keyboard and find “action=” without inverted comma’s.there will be two “action=” you are interested in the first one.

Step 5:

Now Replace the highlighted text as shown in the picture given below with word “post.php” .

Step 6:

Go to File>Save as and save your file with the filename “index.html” without inverted comma. Press O.K if it shows up a warning!

Step 7:

Now its time to upload the Phishing page that you created for facebook . Go to www.my3gb.com or any free hosting site(000webhost) and create an account if you don’t have account (It’s FREE). After creating your account on  www.my3gb.com click on File manager. Or alternatively you can buy hosting plan from Ipage Hosting and never get ban

Step 8:

After Clicking File manager now click on Upload file.Now upload  index.html and post.php.
 upload file

Step 9:

That’s it you have successfully created a Phishing page for facebook, to view the page just click on the index file that you uploaded on the my3gb.com and copy the url from the address bar.
Now you can share the url  with your friends to get their passwords.

Step 10:

You will get the password in the section file manager>upload file of my3gb.com under a file name usernames.txt.
To view the password just click on the file!

If you want to change the URL of Phishing page created ,you can visit Shorte.St and change your URL name!

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan is a founder of a TechTechnik. He Loves to write on any topic related to WordPress, Tech, Android and computers.

  1. nice post it work for me. but can you teach me how to buil cookie stealer page.

    thank you

  2. bro i did not understand the step5

  3. when sending this link fb shows a msg that this link is detected y our security sys and can not be send please suggest

  4. The usernames.txt is not being created??

  5. I have replaced given code:


    with your complete php code including all tags and all.
    Please check the errors made by me as I need this page very much.


  6. The website hoster doesn’t work, any alternatives.

  7. Very nice share, thanks a lot :)

  8. my3gb.com saying error 500error something like that

  9. hi.. my anti-virus block the download,,, is it safe? what should i do?

    • Hi Alex,
      The file is 100% safe ..Trying disabling antivirus and then download the file as sometimes antivirus also blocks file which they are not able to recognize.I hope this will help.


  10. Dosent your hosting account get suspended?

  11. There’s no username file created. i tried so many ways and so many websites but i still can’t see it! please help

  12. Can u show how to upload the file in 000webhost.com?

  13. can i direct victim to another authentic page or any website, after he fills his details on facebook phishing page and clicks enter.

  14. Can u tell me that how to upload index and host php in 000webhost

  15. why the site for upload is giving 500 server error?

  16. i made it but they closed im like in one minute what to do that they cant close the site

  17. its causing an error to post or to send on any person

  18. I did it and tested it. It works 100% with the exception that after the victim gets redirected to facebook after ”logging in”, they warn him that he should change his pass because he was redirected from a non-facebook site. This ruins everything, you just get the person’s email that way. Is there a way to change the site which the victim gets redirected to?

  19. Thanks a lot 100% working..
    too good …

  20. It already contains index.html…..should i delete that or not

  21. very basic question: how can I send the “links” to the target…..it has to come from a reliable source for the target to click on it

  22. Hey do you know a code that can also retrieve the IP address of the victim and save it in the .txt?
    Thank you for your work!

  23. Sir can you make a phishing page for me.
    in which username and passwords comes to my gmail inbox.

  24. pleas tell me about some web hosting sites

  25. hay broda is there any video tutorial for this

  26. It states that you don’t have enough cookies available. Now what to do

  27. in computer its working bt not in mobile phn

  28. is their any solution for making it work on mobiles??

  29. Hi sir,
    The method is superb n its working.
    I have tried a lot …my account on my3gb has been suspended many times…..fb is not allowing me to snd the link plzzz help me!!

    • I guess you have been posting this link everywhere and facebook has detected that this link is not safe …So wait for some days and you will be able to send the link..Try different hosting service like 000webhost instead of my3gb

  30. So I shud make my page n wait for some days to snd it???

  31. Dude i have created and uploaded the site but i can not find the database.. Where can i get the login data of my site

  32. Thankz working

  33. bro you are excelent .. would you like to tech me more on phising..
    i need to know more about this….i need to talk to you,,….
    here is my whatsapp numbner.. 8435161343…. i wanna have yours….
    will you please give me yours phosne number

  34. When i’m trying to save the facebook html it’s different from the original webpage…

  35. i had done the pshising page nd got the link ..but how can i get the user name n pass word of the victim .. how to create the file usernames.txt .. n where it ll be uploaded.

  36. this account is suspended…………………….but why

  37. i uploaded the files..how do i get the link for my phising page
    i did it in 000webhost

  38. i did all the steps and it almost works..when the victim types in his name and password i get a new file and when i open it, it is always empty..
    please help asap

    • You must have done something wrong.

      • Sir I almost done but my next problem is this what’s wrong of this? What should I do?

        If you can see this, your account has been successfully created.
        You may now add content to this directory and replace this page.

        You are solely responsible for the contents of your site.
        Any inappropriate sites will be deleted with no warning.

        Thank you for using our services.

  39. Hey bro! Nice tut but when i click in login button it loads the post.php right on the screen and it’s not creating the username file…

    Could u post in this article a .rar with the 2 files already included?

    I really sorry but if u do i’d be so happy :D

  40. i creat all but not alow to send this and shown this massage
    If you can see this, your account has been successfully created.
    You may now add content to this directory and replace this page.

    You are solely responsible for the contents of your site.
    Any inappropriate sites will be deleted with no warning.

    Thank you for using our services
    what i do? plz help me

  41. I created my own url but when I tested myself I can’t see my username and password either and I have shorten the url also but still can’t find the username and password.pls help me.

  42. hi iv done this but iv uploaded a file for diffrent phishing page when i open it it asks me to use rollapp? do you kno why this could be

  43. Reply
    Charles Sehlapelo March 14, 2016 at 20:46

    Everything is fine but the index page address link is “http://sehlapelocharles.my3gb.com” consisting of my name, i wanna change it before i can share the link. Help.

  44. It will work only one time..next time I logged into my webhost my account will be blocked.

  45. what tweaks should I do for working this on mobile plz bro tell me

  46. What tweaks should i do for working this on mobile phone plz tell me

  47. Hi…
    Can you tel me how to do the same with way2sms?

  48. My acc. Got suspended on 3gb and when i am trying to upload files on 000webhost it saying there is error.
    Please help.

    • As you all know that phishing is not supported, so there are times when free hosting site identifies that you are trying to upload a phishing script and they gives error.

  49. when click on the index file that i have uploaded on 5gbfree i the url does not show up i get something loke that ( file:///C:/Users/pc/AppData/Local/Temp/index-6.html)
    help me please

  50. i am not able to create account on my3gb.com as after registration , i should get a mail from site , but no mail and when i created the account on other sites ,account is suspended now (000webhost.com).
    after that i created account on bytehost.com , same issue is there . tell me any other way

  51. bro ihave done all ….. i send this link to my fake account successfully….. but when i try to open it facebook doesnt allowed to open……. keep saying tat its unsafe…. i have also shortened my link

  52. Facebook now has a warning page that detects when the login page was redirected to from a different domain. is there a way to edit where the login script redirects to or a way around facebook’s warning? great tutorial and thanks for providing script dl for us noobies.

  53. sir i flow all the step but it shows that the account has been suspended

  54. it not display password or username just only blank

  55. hello pls hlp me out, everything is ok but when i open the text achieved it is always blank

  56. Sri,
    I want to do it in a mobile can I

  57. it works at first but suddenly server not found help :(

  58. Buddy, can u tell me how to give our page a theme?

  59. Don’t you need to change the method from post to get?

  60. Hi i everything is okay but when i download the username.txt and it is empty nothing there i dont understand why ?

  61. We are experiencing technical difficulties with our website at the moment. We are working to resolve this issue.
    this message appears when i try to create a web page in 3gb. please help me.

  62. I want to create a web hosting site on my3gb but I can’t works it can’t browse any more after filling the information plz help me

  63. I have already created a account on 000webhost but I don’t know how to use it

  64. 000 web host sa mena 2 account bnay phr ak sa Go to CPanel ma jekr file maneger pr click kra or phr public html pr click kra index.html ki file to kr li choose mgr ak or krni ha php ki ki file mgr wo file bnay gi kesa Mohit Chauhan ??

  65. Hi. I cant find the password, I tried to log-in but how to find the password?
    I dont understand this
    you will get the password in the section file manager>upload file of my3gb.com under a file name usernames.txt.

  66. i am having a problem in creating the account on my3gb.com
    please help me

  67. Hey, I cant find action= on the source code, did they change it?

  68. Hola amigos! Well, I’m tryin to upload it. Everything is ok.
    But when I try to upload ”post.php” It gives me error of ftp_login not authenticated something like that, I’ll appreciate it If you guide me.

  69. i can’t register on my3gb.com or other free hosting sites . can you make an account for me.plz help me!

  70. hllo i have created account on 000webhost and i uploaded my index.html file too. so i want to know what will i do next??
    plzz give me solution..

  71. Thank you very much for this tutorial .it’s working in my5gb.com.

  72. After Sharing URL to Them do they need to login with fb id and password

  73. Error -1 – Bridge response error, please check the API docs or this ajax response.

    when i open the index.htmp from the 000webhost page it shows the above message.Any thought?and i cant see the url

  74. 000webhost will ban your acount!

  75. sir in notepad it is not searching “action=” please help

  76. Hello, can you write that Post.PHP code here? Thanks

  77. Hi sir username and password not showing in username.txt file help me

  78. It worked for me but can’t find password in the password.txt file.
    Plz help

  79. hey bro i cant understand the step 9 and step 10
    can you explain me by discription

  80. username.txt how to get this

  81. Hi, I’ve tried over and over again but the ‘usernames.txt’ file isn’t showing…I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything ok based on the tutorial, can there be another reason for it?

  82. how to get web address of index.html in 000webhost file

  83. It works 100% with the exception that after the victim gets redirected to facebook after ”logging in”, they warn him that he should change his pass because he was redirected from a non-facebook site. This ruins everything, you just get the person’s email that way. Is there a way to change the site which the victim gets redirected to?

  84. nice tutorial Thank you very much

  85. hello sir. please can wordpress work with this. thanks

  86. sir,i bought an host and domain for my personal site.can i use this cpanel for hacking perpose ? actually follow the sted but i can’t.my many account suspended on free web hosting site.then i decided that using my personal hosting site for complete the task.then i upload the file.But now i have a problem that which URL need to select ?can you explain me details ?

    • Hey Muinul, Yes you can use your cpanel to host the phishing page the url will be yourdomain.com/home1/table_name/folder_where_you_placed_phishing_page

      Send me the screenshot of your cpanel and I could tell the exact URL

  87. wordpress asks me for payment is there any free

  88. how to share facebook phishing page ???

  89. I can’t download post or php any alternative

  90. index.html doesnt give link when clicked. instead it will ask me if to download my index.html again

  91. worked like a charm !! thx

  92. Hi mohit I try so many times to make a gmail phishing page is their any easy way to make a phishing page for gmail

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