Saturday, September 30, 2023

How Hackers hack Facebook Account and How to stop them?

Since Facebook is the most popular social networking website with more than 500 million active users, therefore many hackers/crackers wants to involve in hacking Facebook accounts of users.  This article outlines, how hackers hack your account...

WhatsApp Hacks and tricks that will Amaze you (2016)

We all know that WhatsApp is the most trending and fashionable messaging app that is being used almost by each and everyone. To make your messaging experience more convenient and smooth,...

How to Invite All friends to like the Page/Event with a Single Click!

You have created a Facebook page or an event and want to invite all your friends..!!!!And the list of friends is endless...What will you do ?? Invite your friends one by one...I...

10 Tips to Protect your Privacy from Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google have become an indispensable part of our day to day life. The last 5-6 years have really made our day very much dependent on these two stalwarts of...

How to Change Facebook Theme, Color & Appearance!

Tired of using default blue theme of Facebook.So am i,but i have found a really simple method to get rid of this blue theme ...With this simple trick you can change...

How to Undo a Sent E-Mail in Gmail!

It happens many times that you have not Completed the E-mail but by mistake you clicked on Send button or you sent an E-mail to the wrong person and wishes to...

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