Conditions for Product Reviews

The purpose of product reviews

Product reviews on are intended to share product findings on the website, with the aim of informing other customers. Do you want to write a review? Then make sure that it complies with the guidelines below. There are some exceptions, which we name on a case-by-case basis.

Your product review relates to your experience with this product. Regardless of whether you received it as a gift or whether it is a product that has been (temporarily) made available to you. Additional conditions apply to the latter, see rule ‘…a commercial purpose’.

How to write a good review:

  1. Describe why you like or dislike the product and mention any comments or remarks in a positive or negative sense. Keep in mind that your review should be valuable to other customers, try to be concise but complete.
  2. Write your review in understandable and correct English.
  3. Limit your review to your own experience with the product.

We’d rather not see this:

  1. …opinions or statements that are not related to your experience in using the product, for example because you have never used the product.
  2. …volatile information regarding the price, shipping of the product and/or the selling party on
  3. …swear words, racist statements, illnesses or grammatical corruptions.
  4. …references, whether or not by means of URLs, to other websites
  5. … the naming of discounts, commercial promotions, campaigns or price differences compared to other ( sellers or (online) stores.
  6. …a commercial purpose and/or content, unless it is explicitly stated in the product review – by means of a separate paragraph – that this is the case. Some examples of prohibited situations:
    1. You have (temporarily) received the product – by the selling party or through a third party – in order to write a product review in return. In the product review you do not mention that you received the product from a third party, with the request to write a product review.
    2. Leave out in your review that you have received financial compensation from a third party, in order to write a review about their product in return.

When can remove a review: reserves the right to remove product review(s) from the website at any time, without further notice. Including, but not limited to:

  1. If one or more of the guidelines described above have not been complied with or if has a reasonable suspicion of this.
  2. If a product review is related to the product information included with the product that was incorrect at the time of purchase. To avoid confusion, may choose to remove product reviews that conflict with the correct product information.
  3. If a deviating pattern has been established by automatic detection means, your review may be automatically rejected and/or subsequently removed from

It is not allowed to write product reviews if:

You are a seller or employee who wants to write reviews about products that he/she sells himself. Purchases and subsequent product reviews performed in a personal capacity are not included.

Finally: has the right to change guidelines with regard to product reviews. We will post an amended version of these guidelines on the website as soon as possible.

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