Friday, March 24, 2023

Discover Best Solution for your kids’ Android device usage monitoring!

In a world where children increasingly have access to the internet through portable devices, concerns for their safety and proper use grow. Parents today want to know what their kids do with...

Best Privacy Features of Facebook you should apply ASAP

Let’s be honest we all have witnessed an outbreak when it comes to security features on Facebook. Snapchat introduced Snap-location which allowed Snapchat users to view their friend’s location on the...

5 Information Security Tools list to ensure your Customer’s Data Security

Data security is a vital aspect every business should be aware off. Especially in the case if you handle large amounts of customer data, you must make sure you can protect...

Are you affected by “HeartBleed”???

Heartbleed,discovered by Finnish security firm Codenomicon,along with Google Inc,researcher who was working seperatly ,affects around two thirds of prominent websites on the www. What is Heartbleed ? Heartbleed affects one of the widely...
how to prevent scam

How To Prevent Fraud: Tips to avoid being Scammed Online

We’re all vulnerable to online scams. Criminal minds can easily reach our private lives, homes and work offices. Scammers use different tactics, from malicious software to ingenious phishing scams. And the...

How to protect yourself from the “PHISHING” attack?

In one of our previous article we have already told you how you can make Phishing page but remember it was only for Educational purpose !! So,today we are going to tell...

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