Tuesday, September 26, 2023
how to be safe online

How to Be Safe Online on Internet with simple rules and tips

The 200 gigabytes of data Sony Pictures lost to hackers in 2014 cost Amy Pascal her co-chairmanship in the company. The devastating cyber-attack leaked Pascal's emails from the company's servers onto...

Are you affected by “HeartBleed”???

Heartbleed,discovered by Finnish security firm Codenomicon,along with Google Inc,researcher who was working seperatly ,affects around two thirds of prominent websites on the www. What is Heartbleed ? Heartbleed affects one of the widely...

PGP: Pretty Good Privacy Explained

What is Pretty Good Privacy? Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a prominent software program, used universally. This program allows the users to send their confidential emails over the internet not only through...

10 Tips to Protect your Privacy from Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google have become an indispensable part of our day to day life. The last 5-6 years have really made our day very much dependent on these two stalwarts of...
Internet Safety For Children

Internet Safety For Children: Prevent Issues Kids Faces in the Cyber World

As parents, there are some things we need to be aware of when our kids inevitably begin to enter the "digital world.” The Internet is a vast, intangible network of worldwide...

How to protect yourself from the “PHISHING” attack?

In one of our previous article we have already told you how you can make Phishing page but remember it was only for Educational purpose !! So,today we are going to tell...

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