How To Prevent Fraud: Tips to avoid being Scammed Online

how to prevent scam

We’re all vulnerable to online scams. Criminal minds can easily reach our private lives, homes and work offices. Scammers use different tactics, from malicious software to ingenious phishing scams. And the most vulnerable to online scams are Millennials. So, here are some quick tips for all and increase our knowledge on how to prevent fraud … Read more

Best Privacy Features of Facebook you should apply ASAP

Let’s be honest we all have witnessed an outbreak when it comes to security features on Facebook. Snapchat introduced Snap-location which allowed Snapchat users to view their friend’s location on the snap, and this feature was turned on by default. Many Snapchat users were daunted by this update and had to turn it off since … Read more

5 Information Security Tools list to ensure your Customer’s Data Security

Data security is a vital aspect every business should be aware off. Especially in the case if you handle large amounts of customer data, you must make sure you can protect it against security breaches. Nowadays malware and spyware attack risks are increasingly higher. You must be certain customers’ data is safe at any time. … Read more