Friday, March 24, 2023

How to Improve your Phone Internal Space.

First of all let me tell you what exactly Link2SD do??  Link2SD is an app by using you can actually increase your phone storage space!!! This app is very useful for the Android...

How to run Windows XP on your Android Phone!

Now you can run Windows XP on your Android Mobile phones in very simple Steps..!! The process doesn't requires any technical knowledge and is easy to follow.It will not take much of...

How To Create partition on SD card!

Before buying a phone all of us first checks the features of the phone which include its camera,processor,ram,screen size....etc...etc. And we also not  to forget to checks its internal storage..!!!! Most of you...

Why People Buy an iPhone instead of Android Phone.

Android and iPhone are always being compared in one way or another but here is a new way of comparing them.. isn't?

Turn your Android Phone Into Wireless Computer Mouse.

Now Days Smartphones are advancing to next level very rapidly,virtually they can be used for anything!!They are rapidly expanding and can be used for doing almost each and everything day to...

Soon Touch Sensitive Keyboard by Apple may be reality!

Apple will shortly introduce touch sensitive for keyboards, letting users perform different actions by just swipping across keys. Keyboard of future Macbook will allow users to perform actions that are handled by...

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