Saturday, September 30, 2023

7 Clever ways to Boost App User Experience and Improve your App UX

Around 67% of all mobile users use their Smartphones to browse the web. Statistics also show that businesses get 58% of their revenue from mobile applications but 52% of mobile app...

Everything You Need to Know About 4G Phones and Network

Technology has become such an integral part of life that it is hard to ignore its significance in daily tasks related to work, entertainment, and social connectivity. Moreover, the range of...

Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks based on CSS, JS and HTML

In this online world, mobile became equivalent to oxygen for survival. People of this era are utterly tech savvy and wish to avail each kind of products and services via their...

Best OCR for iOS: Convert Image to Text

While we don’t face these images on a daily basis, having a text-rich image that you need to edit can more often than not prove to be extremely difficult. For those...

Everything you want to know about Android OS (Android History)

Looking back, we see so many changes in the Android Os names and features. From humble beginnings like supporting voice entry text support (2009), it soon progressed into a force to...

Real Time Mobile Marketing Statistics and trends 2016

Just a hundred years ago, we couldn’t even dream about the world becoming similar to the modern image of it. The sole idea perhaps sounded like total madness: having a pocket...

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