How to speed up Mozilla Firefox !

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser available on the internet …All of us must have used it.It was developed in 2004 and was the first browser to give a challenge to Microsoft internet Explorer. Internet is very common nowadays, one is able to connect to internet from anywhere at anytime.However connecting to internet … Read more

Block unwanted ADS, Popups also YouTube in-video ADS using Simple Extension

If you spend descent amount of time surfing on internet or searching and finding stuffs (just checkout the most famous torrent website: kickass Torrent ,it’s flooded with some annoying ads that you don’t want to see) then you must have encountered advertisements in multiple forms whether pop ups ,clickable or which plays on it’s on.Even if you don’t … Read more

Most Easiest Methods to Access Blocked Sites!

Some sites are blocked in workplaces, offices to prevent employees from accessing unwanted sites,schools or colleges authorities may also block the websites mainly social networking sites to prevent students to access them also some sites are blocked in particular countries too!! But whatever may be the purpose to Block the site we are always eager … Read more