Digital wallet takes over old school wallet

In a technology driven world, everything is controlled virtually. Funnily enough, virtual is the new reality. And as tech freaks, we aren’t alien to the concept of virtual money or as in lay man’s words – credit/debit cards but the term liquid money has taken a whole new meaning with the introduction of mobile payment … Read more

Everything you should know about Mobile Wallet!

The traditional leather wallet is slowly becoming passé as adoption of mobile wallets as a secure means of payment continues to rise. The bulkiness of the leather wallet, once the safekeeper of your most private and precious information including credit cards,  driver’s license, loyalty cards as well as cash is slowly giving way to a … Read more

Mobile Wallets are NOT Doomed – A Rebuttal!

Mobile Payment is IT industry’s new favorite!The concept was so amazingly fresh, that some of the largest companies had to climb this wagon wheel and be part of the race. With this came a continuous wave of growth;and the total annual volume of mobile based transactions continued to rise in an upward curve, with projected … Read more

Top 5 Myths about Mobile Payments, NFC Payments and Mobile Wallets

Have you heard the idea of paying for goods & services just by tapping your smartphones?  Are you tired taking care of your credit cards?  Is there any other payment system which is going to take over other payment options in future? Above mentioned are the common technology questions – which common people think about. … Read more