Best Privacy Features of Facebook you should apply ASAP

Let’s be honest we all have witnessed an outbreak when it comes to security features on Facebook. Snapchat introduced Snap-location which allowed Snapchat users to view their friend’s location on the snap, and this feature was turned on by default. Many Snapchat users were daunted by this update and had to turn it off since … Read more

10 Tips to Protect your Privacy from Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google have become an indispensable part of our day to day life. The last 5-6 years have really made our day very much dependent on these two stalwarts of the web world.Most of us these days login through our pc, tablets, smartphone on Facebook and google mail, search, etc. several times throughout the … Read more

Easiest way to hack Facebook Account

It’s being a while since i have written a post about hacking..So today i decided to write another post on how to hack Facebook account .The method is relatively simpler than making a phishing page which i have already told you earlier .Now you must be thinking how this tutorial is different from hacking a … Read more