Know Who Read Your Emails and When in Gmail

In this world of instant messaging some apps like Whatsapp messenger has made us used to seeing double check tick indicating when the message has been read. Same goes with Emails but unfortunately there is no such feature in our favorite email client Gmail or any other email provider that indicates when was our email read or … Read more

How to make Phishing Page for Gmail

Phishing is an art of stealing credential details or password and username of the user by providing him the similar or look-alike page that he uses to enter a password or credential details. There are a lot of ways of doing Phishing but we will be focusing on the method that is simple and does … Read more

How to Hack Google with Dorks

Before starting Google hacking let me make it clear what I mean by Google hacking! What is Google hacking? Google hacking involves using the advanced operator in the Google search engine to extract useful information that a normal user can’t extract from a website. Let me make it clearer, Google hacking doesn’t mean that we … Read more

How to Hack into Live Camera(unsecured) around the World 2015

This trick is really fun..With this trick we are actually looking  for unsecured live cameras around the world by simply writing the simple string on Google to hack them..!! This trick is called “Google Hacking“ Just Follow the given steps: 1) Copy the given below string and paste it in google,hit search: * inurl:”CgiStart?page=” * … Read more