Rumours and leaks about Samsung Galaxy S7

Flagship competition is becoming stiff year by year. Major smartphone manufacturing companies are making everything possible to bring year’s best smartphone. Be it Samsung or Apple or HtC or Sony, all companies have been constantly bringing new flagship devices every year. Samsung is all geared up for its upcoming flagship device – Samsung Galaxy S7. There have been several rumours all over the internet talking about its display quality, camera technology, processor speed and more. It is still an upcoming device, which is scheduled to get released early next year as always. It is expected that the upcoming flagship device would be better and faster. But all we can do is, assume, expect and wish till it got released/ announced in public. Below are some rumours and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7


Talking about any flagship device (or any device), first thought that strike to our heads is its PRICE. Yes, what would be its price? Will it be any cheaper than before? Same question comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about Samsung Galaxy S7. As per all reports and leaks, it is suggested that pricing of the upcoming device would be almost same as last year’s flagship device, Galaxy S6. It would cost you around Rs 52000-54000.

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Release Date

Release date of the device is very crucial for any manufacturer. With a proper and timely release, a smartphone’s fate (sales figure) would be easily predictable. Like every year, Samsung is planning to release their upcoming flagship device in early 2016. It is expected to get launched or announced worldwide somewhere in February or March. In India, it is expected to get launched in April 2016.


The display of a flagship device is one of its most talked about features. Be it Sony or Apple or Samsung, they have been constantly working on improving the display quality of their devices. This year, Sony has beaten all competition in the market by launching their premium handset, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. It has 4K screen technology, which far more superior than the rest giving you the pixel density of +800 ppi. Samsung has equipped a QuadHD display technology in the Galaxy Note 5. It is expected that they (Samsung) are also planning to improve display quality this time. But they are definitely not wokring on 4K display. Quad HD screen would be the maximum you can expect. Moreover, it is expected that Samsung is planning to affix an alternative to Corning’s Gorilla Glass screen protection with Turtle Glass. Samsung Galaxy S7 would come with 5.2-inch display featuring a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution.

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Processor-wise also, the recent leaks and rumours are pretty impressive. There have been leaks all over the internet that Samsung Galaxy S7 would feature Snapdragon 820 in some parts of the world and an Exynos chipset in other parts of the globe. They have, right now, two options. Samsung has opted for an Exynos processor for their last flagship device. But this time, it is more probable that Samsung might go for Snapdragon 820 for the Samsung Galaxy S7. They have also conducted several tests as well on the latter one.


It is all assumed that the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera would be almost same as of the Galaxy S6 – 16-megapixel (rear). You will be getting an Optical Image Stabilisation technology for sure. The major change would be in Camera’s software. This year, Samsung has unveiled better camera technology, which allows sharper and brighter image quality, especially in low-light conditions. It is also expected that the camera bulge would be no more this time. It was the most disgusting part of the phone.


Talking about the battery of the device, we can expect a 3000 mah battery (for sure). Like previous variants, this one also has non-removable battery. The Galaxy S5 has a 2,800mAh battery, while the last year’s flagship device, Galaxy S6 comes with a 2,550mAh cell. More powerful battery is expected.

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The upcoming flagship device from Samsung would definitely come with Google’s latest Android version, 6.0 Marshamallow straight out of the box. This would enhance overall functionality of the device as the latest Google update arrived in the market with great alternations like Android Pay, App permissions, Fingerprint support, and improved battery.

Connectivity and Storage

Among all rumours around the Samsung Galaxy S7, USB Type C is the most concrete one. Any benefit? Yes, it offers faster data transfer. Samsung has never used microSD card slot in its flagship devices. Recent reports suggest that 2016’s flagship smartphone from the manufacturer would have the card slot. It gives users to expand storage endlessly, but it has been analysed that microSD cards are slower as compared to built-in flash storage.

Above mentioned features have been deduced from reported rumours, leaks, and news stories in the recent past. Considering all these, we can expect a solid and powerful flagship device in 2016. You can read more specs and price and availability of this year’s flagship device from Samsung – Galaxy S6 at several online stores. Also, there are several on-going deals and offers available on the internet that would help you save more money.