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Top 3 Free OCR Tools for Image to Text Conversion in 2020

Do you want to convert a hard copy into a virtual document? If yes, then OCR, Optical Character Recognition, technology is what you need. This technology has ...

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites that you can use in 2020

If you are looking for the best free sports streaming sites to watch your favorite sports then you are in the right place. You can stream your favorite sports ...

Tricks on youtube that you didn’t know about

Youtube is the biggest and most popular streaming platform on the internet. It has many features and tricks that are still not known by many users. These ...

How to Transfer Music From Computer to iPhone

It is inevitable for all the iOS users to transfer files from computer to iPhone, like music, videos and the like. And as everyone knows, the usual and common ...

How To Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2018

Internet is full of websites that claim to offer free Xbox Live Codes. But do they actually work? To find out about this I am gonna go through all the random ...

Internet Safety For Children: Prevent Issues Kids Faces in the Cyber World

As parents, there are some things we need to be aware of when our kids inevitably begin to enter the "digital world.” The Internet is a vast, intangible ...

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12 months ago


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Nothing new
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Nothing new

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This is 2nd
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This is 2nd

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dogs are loyal

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improve landing page Conversion Rate
12 months ago

simple tech


This is a tech setup of the item

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Clash Royale Mod APK Download 2018
12 months ago

Clash Royale Mod APK Download 2018

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^his isi a test lorempp^his isi a test lorempp^his isi a test lorempp

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  1. Hi Toddler,
    The link is working fine. Please check again

  2. It is recommended that you should not host on WordPress as if you want to host on it is paid.

  3. Hi Vivek,

    Tunnel Bear is also good but it has not that great reviews if you search it on internet.


  4. Hey Muinul, Yes you can use your cpanel to host the phishing page the url will be

    Send me the screenshot of your cpanel and I could tell the exact URL

  5. Hi Handy,
    We already have an article on how to speed up PC. Have a look at this-
    I hope it will be of great help to you!

  6. Hey Pranita,
    Just go through the article and I am sure it will help you

  7. Hi Annie,
    ExpressVPN is a pretty good VPN service provider with really good speed. I have also used it and was happy with the results!

  8. Hey,

    You can contact me on my email :

  9. hey there,
    You can try 000webhost, 3gbwebhost or google :)

  10. Steps for uploading the file in 000webhost is similar to

  11. Hi,

    You can register on some different free hosting site like 000webhost.


  12. The above-mentioned method no longer works. Stay tuned to until I came up with a new method

  13. Hi,

    You can learn C++ from Udemy. Here is the link:

    However, if you need a discount coupon to Udemy I can help you with.


  14. Hi,

    You can try some other hosting website like 000webhost. Or you can buy premium hosting at


  15. Hi,

    It’s a nice tool!


  16. Hi steps for 000webhost are same as my3gb

  17. Sorry for the delay. However, I will be publishing my new post soon as I get time!
    Till then stay tuned to

  18. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Try in some other version of Kali.


  19. Hi,

    You can try some other hosting site instead like 000webhost.

  20. Hi,

    Thankyou for letting us know about postgreSQL. We have added it in our list.

  21. Thankyou for your suggestion. Soon I will come up with the article!

  22. Hi Justin,

    This problem is caused because Gmail no works with two-step authentication process. You may be able to get a Gmail user id of the victim but not a password. Stay with me and i will for sure come up with the new article on two step authentication process.


  23. Hi,

    Thank you for your valuable suggestion.


  24. What problem are you facing?

  25. Sorry bharath, the app is not made by me and its the choice of developer to add the ads!

  26. sorry ayush I don’t have file with me..moreover you can create it via the above mentioned tutorial!

  27. Which sort of theme are you talking about?

  28. Hi Jack,

    I am glad that you found my blog so interesting!


  29. You should have done some step wrong

  30. is valid for computer only

  31. This is because the hosting provider has deleted your file!
    Try uploading the file in different hosting!

  32. Hi simar,

    Best of Luck for your game! Do share your experience with us.


  33. Hey,

    You have to wait for another article!


  34. Hello Binit,
    Try making a new account!

  35. Yes, you are right, facebook have tighten their security! However soon we will be able to break into them

  36. Soon…
    Thankyou for your patience!

  37. Ohh so sorry for the inconvenience, Which OS are you using?

  38. I am glad that it is working. Unfortunately similar tutorial can’t be used to make phishing page for mobile!

  39. Hi,
    You can for sure use this tutorial for making phishing page for PayPal or ebay, but you should be knowing little bit of CSS in order to completely make a phishing page for the mentioned sites!

  40. Hi,
    This is happening because the browser knows that the script contain phishing script. You have to mask the link inorder to fool the browser.

  41. Hi Rohtang,
    The file is 100% safe….. There are times when antivirus identifies .zip files encrypted files as malware or trojan, as they are not able to see through the file.So don’t worry it will not harm your computer just pause your antivirus for once and continue downloading the file and enjoy all the PDF’s on Hacking.

  42. Hi Alice,
    It is an Old post and to be honest I don’t know whether it still works or not!

  43. It seems that you are out of luck! :P ..wait for some time and again try signing up with with a different email ID

  44. Hi,
    As you know C++ it will be great if you try making certain nice program in C++, as the more you explore the more you will know. Also start learning PHP and CSS side by side!
    Best of luck.

  45. It seems that you have not correctly uploaded your file in the free hosting website. Try doing step 7 once again!

  46. As you all know that phishing is not supported, so there are times when free hosting site identifies that you are trying to upload a phishing script and they gives error.

  47. There are certain changes that have to be done in the script. Don’t worry Bro i will soon come up with the tutorial for this.
    Stay Tuned!!

  48. Hey,
    You are not doing step 5 correctly, trying doing it right.

  49. Hey,
    You are not linking post.php correctly. Do step 5 carefuly.

  50. Sorry my friend you have to follow the steps and make your own!

  51. depends on your internet speed!

  52. Follow same steps with way2sms site!

  53. Hey…you have to make a separate script for mobile!

  54. Yeah…if hosting provider will know that you have used phishing script they will block you!

  55. which phishing page you are trying to make?

  56. The username and password is obtained in a separate file.

  57. It’s just a warning…!!

  58. Sorry to hear that…this software is working for some!!

  59. just delete the file you created!

  60. can you please elaborate more?

  61. No …there are still some loopholes! After all, its type of transformation still running on android!

  62. You can get IP list by googling: free ip list


  63. Just click on view page and you will get the link!

  64. You must have done something wrong.

  65. If your account has been suspended then try making the page on different free hosting site.


  66. Yeah I know, I will soon come up with a new tutorial … Just keep tune to

  67. Hi Sustedjo,

    Almost 95% is like iPhone!

  68. Hi Subhasis,
    You just have to share the link with your friends and when they will click on your link and enter their information username.txt will be automatically created. You will get Password and Username in usernames.txt file!

  69. Hi Lola,
    Second option do work for many, it’s great that you add your channel on addmefast and leave it for at least to see the result.
    And thanks for your lovely feedback!


  70. Hi,

    Try making new account as the error is due to some files and code missing from the file..!!
    The password is obtain in the file name username.txt


  71. What things are different?

  72. What error are you getting?

  73. What problem are you facing?

  74. Hi Alok, Please read step 10 of this tutorial.

  75. Yes.. You should wait for some time or try making some fake profile and check if the link is getting shared or not!

  76. I guess you have been posting this link everywhere and facebook has detected that this link is not safe …So wait for some days and you will be able to send the link..Try different hosting service like 000webhost instead of my3gb

  77. Try clearing your browser cookies and also try clearing all cookies of the hosting service you are using.

  78. Hi,

    Google has changed its interface, i will come up with another tutorial for new interface!


  79. Yes you have to do certain tweaks in order to make it work on mobiles!
    But it’s not useful as most of us uses Facebook app to access facebook

  80. Try using different browser

  81. You can use bitly or , just google them there are many link shortning websites

  82. No, You don’t have to pay ,if you selects basic plan

  83. Hi,

    It won’t be working in mobile phone’s


  84. I will for sure come up with a tutorial on new interface.


  85. You can search YouTube for it..

  86. There are many such as,, ,just google them!

  87. Try shorting the link and than try sending

  88. Yes you will be able to run iOS apps but internet speed remain unaffected.

  89. Gmail interface has been changed, i will soon come up with the fix!
    Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

  90. The username.txt file created in you hosting has ip address of the victim as well!!

    Thanks for reading!

  91. Hi Saimal,

    The tutorial is simple and you should tryto make your own phishing page ,if you need any help than you can contact me..


  92. Hi, Thanks for reading and appreciating :)

  93. Hi, You can shorten the link and send to victim or you can embed the link in some download link.

  94. You can use different hosting website!

  95. Yeah this method is really simple and easy to apply..Enjoy ;)

  96. don’t delete any file..just keep it :)

  97. Yes for sure ,i will come up with the tutorial with 000webhost

  98. Sorry, since i am not the developer of the application so i can’t help!

  99. It must be a problem with the site server.You can try some other hosting site or try after sometime.

  100. You can contact me at my mail.

  101. Hi,
    which images are you talking about?

  102. Sure in another tutorial i will defiantly use

  103. You must be doing something wrong as the method is 100% working..!!

  104. Hi Alex,
    The file is 100% safe ..Trying disabling antivirus and then download the file as sometimes antivirus also blocks file which they are not able to recognize.I hope this will help.


  105. Hi Shire,
    Fortunately my account is active..!Even if your account gets suspended there are many other free hosting sites you can use!

  106. Thankyou Nicole :) I am glad you liked it!

  107. Sorry you won’t be able to play iOS games :(

  108. This is a issue with try some different hosting site like 000webhost or 5gbfree…just google them!

  109. Hi Max,
    There are many free hosting sites some are: 000webhost, 5gbfree…just google them!

  110. You have to replace the highlighted text with word “post.php”

  111. You must try this method atleast once! Although as i told in this post that for some id’s this method will work and for some it won’t!

  112. Try URL shortener before distributing the link!

  113. You must have done something wrong as the method is 100% working!

  114. what problem are you facing?
    you have to just replace the highlighted text shown in the picture with post.php

  115. yes for sure…we will defiantly come up with a post on cookie stealer

  116. No, it will not damage you..!!

  117. Hey Brad,
    You must watch this video before downloading the software: It will answer all your questions probably :)

  118. Hey,
    Sorry i cann’t provide you the software as i am not the owner of iosonandroid software..!!

  119. Hi Ammar, there is a option to uninstall the software when you connects your phone..By which you can revert back to normal..!

  120. Hey,

    The link is 100% working ..Please try one more time..!!
    There is a Option for uninstalling when you connect your phone.

  121. Yeah Naveen..Its working for some of the youtubers but unfortunatly not working for some..!!

  122. Thanks for your suggestions!! :)

  123. Yes that’s true, you have to spend a little amount! :)

  124. You must try them atleast once :)

  125. WOrdpress is the best platform and if you had hackers problem then try installing good security plugins..!!!

  126. Reply July 6, 2015 at 15:39

    Happy to help

  127. Reply July 6, 2015 at 15:38

    Thanks for your appreciation..!

  128. Reply July 6, 2015 at 15:38

    Yeah its fun when everyone share their knowledge

  129. Reply July 6, 2015 at 15:37

    I am glad that you like my website!

  130. Reply July 6, 2015 at 15:37

    Thanks BernardoPKosowski for appreciating the post..!!
    Have a Good Day

  131. Reply July 6, 2015 at 15:36

    Yes for sure as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website.. :)

  132. Reply July 6, 2015 at 15:35

    Just Google the info

  133. Reply July 5, 2015 at 14:38

    Thanks for appreciating..!!

  134. Reply April 4, 2015 at 14:14

    This is not a problem its just a tweak that is used to hide a folder

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