3 Real Estate Industry Tech Trends for 2015

The year 2015 has gone well for the property business. The overall growth in demand for housing across the country has increased after years of slowdown. Anyone searching for the best housing options is now able to search for them from amongst a large number of housing options that are available. The business was poised for growth after almost half a decade of slowdown. Therefore when the market conditions improved, the investors and builders alike put in the best efforts to enhance sales. It was during the slowdown of the realty markets when the builders as well as investors actually put in efforts for innovating the way the buyers were to be reached. This was also the time when the nation became receptive to new technologies. The success of online retail created a market place that was earlier not quite populated. There were some online portals available earlier but they were not as useful for the end users.

Real Estate Industry Tech Trends-Housing

During the time of recession, the lending rates were high and the buyers were cautious. This is the reason why there was more innovation done in the real estate sector than ever before. One of the front runners in this business was property portal housing.com. The portal has been considered to be one of the most prominent new online resources for Real Estate Industry Tech Trends. The overall growth in demand for housing across the country is considered to be positive now and this is the time technology would be used in the best manner possible. Whether one is searching for real estate brokers in Bangalore or a house in Mumbai, the use of technology has levelled the playing field.

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There are 3 Real Estate Industry Tech Trends that are emerging:

1) Extensive use of internet

There are a number of factors that have led to the growth of internet in the country. The internet has been available for a long time but it has been effectively used only recently. With portals like housing.com initiating innovation that has successfully allowed the search for houses, the trend of internet use has increased.

The availability of bandwidth far and wide and the acceptance of internet as a platform for conducting high end business have also had a role to play. With enhanced security and a certain level of assurance offered by online businesses, its use in the search for houses would increase this year.

2) Advent of Mobile technology

The other major trend that has taken off and is awaiting an even greater acceptance is the use of mobile devices. The advent of smart-phones and the high acceptance of these devices have swayed the market trends. Now internet is accessed more and more from smart phones and this usage has increased to such great extent that Google has started to prioritize mobile pages in its search results. The extensive use of internet will help end users find a firmer grip on the property market.

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3) Use of Data analysis

This is a lesser known subject and yet property portal has utilized it to offer numerous services apart from property search. The innovative use of data analysis would remain a prominent property trend in the year 2015.