Activate Whatsapp Calling feature now!

Whatsapp has finally released or integrate its calling feature. Some of you may have already got it by now but for those who have not got till now we are here to help.

whatsapp calling feature

You all must have searched web how to get Whatsapp calling feature invitation but got nothing but here you will for sure the feature.

To get the Whatsapp calling feature you have to either update your Whatspp to v2.11.561 via Apkmirror -even official whatspp has update v2.11.560 only and hence doesn’t support calling feature

Another method is to get a call from an user whose voice calling is already activated in whatsapp.
We are here to help you get a calling feature in Whatsapp by second method. Since i have already Whatspp calling feature, i will give you a call so that you can also enjoy Whatsapp calling feature.
After i will give you a call you will see 3 tabs on your whatsapp messenger!
 [su_note note_color=”#668fff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]Just simply enter your email-id below and then confirm yourself when we will sent you an email asking you to do so. (You will get confirmation message in less than 2 mins after entering your email)NOTE: It is mandatory to confirm/verify the mail .If you won’t confirm than we will not give you a call.Visit our facebook pag: and Like and Share our page.After following above step, simply mail me your Phone number along with the confirmation mail at:
(Enter mail Subject as: whatsapp)


[su_box title=”Privacy Policy:”] We will not share your email or phone number with anyone else and will not spam you with unwanted mails! Your Phone number is only asked to help you activate Whatsapp calling feature only.After giving you a call through whatsapp we will never use your phone number.[/su_box]
Note-Now there is no need for invitation to activate Whatsapp Calling feature .Just simply Update to new version of whatsapp to enjoy whatsapp calling feature