5 Alexa Rank Hack to get Better Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking is a great way to know where your site or blog stands in the world. It indicates how your website is ranked in the world. In Alexa, lower rank is considered a Good rank. However, you can get lower rank in just a few weeks of times. In this tutorial, I will be telling you how to Hack Alexa to get Better Alexa Rank.hack alexa rank

 Google is constantly updating its algorithm and improving the user experience by getting them high-quality content from different high ranking sites and if your website has good Alexa rank than your website or blog have greater chances to be searched more often in search engine than others sites. There are lots of other factors too that decides your search ranking like page rank, the number of backlinks, quality of content etc but let me make it clear that Alexa ranking also does matters.

Your Alexa rank improving speed will depend on the fact of how you are able to optimize your blog. So here we have listed some of the tips and tricks to optimize your blog and hack Alexa rank and lower from lac to thousands. Just follow the listed tips and see your Alexa rank improving from lac to thousands.

Content is the king

If you have good content then its obvious that you have a good set of audience and you distinguish your Blog from rest of the blogger’s and there are chances that your blog or website may have really good Alexa ranking too. 
Always try to make your content as unique as you can make and try to represent it in more creative and easy to understand way. Avoid copying content and stealing others content. 
As Google is always hungry for good quality content and is constantly searching for unique content, then there are chances that you are better ranked in the search engines as well as in the Alexa.

Sharing means Good Alexa

The more you share your content the better chances are there that your blog has good Alexa rank. So, always after writing good quality content, don’t forget to share it with your audience. 
You can share your content on social networks like Facebook, Google plus, twitter.etc etc. this will make sure that your content is visible to a large number of audience and also drive more traffic to your blog. 
The more traffic you get, the faster your Alexa rank will be lowered provided you fulfill the above-listed point.

Get a good Template

This may sound little awkward as how your blog or website template can help you achieve good Alexa ranking? But the fact is a fact! the better and user-friendly your blog template is the number of people will get engaged in your website and the better will be your ranking. 
Also remember Alexa ranking is determined by considering all factors like how much visitors do you get, how many unique visitors do you get, how much time they spend on your site and how is your template design
Try to use blogger default template and then customizing them according to your need this make sure that your blog template is unique!

Add Alexa toolbar to your browser

Since Alexa ranking is also based on the fact that how many of the users that visit your site visits your site through Alexa toolbar. This mean that the number of visitors landing on your site through Alexa toolbar better are the chances to lower your Alexa rank.
But wait I give the heading as “Add Alexa toolbar to your browser”. This is indeed a very good idea as there is no one in the world who visits your website more frequently than you do! Am I right?Alexa toolbar has helped many of the bloggers to improve their Alexa rank.

Encourage others to use Alexa toolbar

As I explained before that Alexa ranking does consider the number of visitors that land on your website through Alexa toolbar.One way is to install Alexa toolbar in your browser and another method is to encourage your visitors to install Alexa toolbar.

Never underestimate the power of commenting

Alexa ranking system also keeps the records of your backlinks the more backlinks you have the better chances are there to list your website rank below 1 lac. But don’t just keep commenting on every website to increase your backings otherwise Google will consider you as a spammer which will result in increasing your Alexa rank instead. 
Try to comment only on blogs that have good Alexa rank or page rank. Avoid commenting one-liners and try to comment realistically and more lively. Avoid using lines like a great post or good post and something like that. 
You can also increase your backlinks by linking your website with blog directories like Technorati, bloggernity etc.

Add Alexa widget to your blog

Putting Alexa widget will work exactly same as installing it adding Alexa toolbar to your browser does. However, you may not want to show your Alexa rank to your reads as pretty obviously you don’t have good Alexa ranking. However some of the people believe that putting Alexa widget doesn’t work.

Claim your website or Blog on alexa.com

Once you start seeing you rank in alexa.com it’s time to claim your website.Once you claim your website Alexa will know that it has an owner J and it will also help Alexa to track your traffic more effectively as it asks you to add the tracking code in your blog once you have claimed your website.
Getting Alexa rank is not a Big task if you will follow the above guidelines these tips helped me achieving lower Alexa rank and hope it will help you too. 


Advertising can be helpful in driving more traffic to your website. Which means that you will be having a good Alexa rank. As traffic is one one of the factor which Alexa takes into consideration when ranking websites.

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If you got any other alexa rank hack then feel free to share it with me by commenting below. Lets see if the hack of your works or not.