AOMEI PXE Boot – Boot Multiple Diskless Computers (Review)

Aomei PXE Boot is a computer booting method without hard disk, USB or CD/DVD, isn’t amazing? Now you must be thinking that how PXE Boot works? Basicaly PXE boot enables you to boot multiple computers in the same LAN via network at the same time.

To do PXE boot, you need a tool, here, we recommend you try AOMEI PXE Boot, it is developed by AOMEI Technology. As the mission of AOMEI “Optimize System & Optimize Life”, it is a freeware!

Download and install it on the master/server computer. Interaction and uses are only two steps. Run the program, select an image file and start service. AOMEI PXE Boot has two selections:

  1. Boot from AOMEI Windows PE or Linux System
  2. Boot from custom image file

For clients need to be maintained from network boot, set its BIOS “Network boot” as first boot mode please.

Note: Different motherboard maybe a bit difference about the name, but the meaning are the same.

aomei PXE boot

Why choose AOMEI PXE Boot?

Because there are many advantages of AOMEI PXE Boot.

  1. Free to use, this point we have mentioned above.
  2. Easy to use, almost only two steps.
  3. Small installation package: only 12.52MB, compared to other similar software, which is very small.
  4. Strong compatibility: AOMEI PXE Boot Tool supports bootable micro-system created by you. Therefore, if you have a powerful Linux bootable ISO or Windows PE bootable ISO, you can easily maintain the computers within LAN through network with your micro-system.
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If you are a administrator who in charge of numbers of computer within LAN, with AOMEI PXE Boot, maintain them will become much more easier. If you buy a new machine have no CD-ROM drive and USB ports(I know it is rarely, let’s assume here), and so you do have another computer that can run Windows normally, you can try AOMEI PXE Boot to install operating system. In a word, AOMEI PXE Boot is a great assistance.