Elmedia Player- The Best Video Player for Mac OS X

And by all means what the title says – it’s all positive! When you realize that default QuickTime Player doesn’t make the cut anymore, Elmedia Player comes in handy. It supports many more file formats that QuickTime doesn’t, because they aren’t natively supported by Mac OS (like AVI or WMV). In fact pretty much any file you offer to Elmedia Player, will be played smoothly and undoubtedly it is the best video player for Mac OS.

You can choose from free version of Elmedia Player that supports virtually any file format, or you can choose Elmedia Player PRO that will let you download YouTube (and not just YouTube) videos to your computer, gain full control over audio settings, make screenshots of any moment in the played video or convert it completely to a series of screenshots. I was given a PRO version to test, so here you go.Best Video Player for Mac OS XFirst off, the list of things that QuickTime couldn’t do for you, but free Elmedia will: open DVD VIDEO_TS folders (some occasional glitches occurred), play FLV, SWF, XAP, DIVX, DAT, and many more formats, browse the web for videos without leaving the app, open online YouTube videos for convenient playback without ads, create and edit media playlists.

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Elmedia Player Pro offers hardware acceleration that with the help of your computer resources will offer the top-notch HD experience. You can play with video image: flip, rotate, mirror, or change the aspect ratio without skipping a frame. VLC player is also good with many of these options, however, I’d say Elmedia is more pleasant to work with for an average user, as it focuses on media mainly.

In addition to other amazing features of Elmedia Player PRO, it is also a very competent AirPlay Receiver. It can stream music and videos from any AirPlay streaming device (Mac, iOS, Android devices). It does this in style with advanced visual experience and wonderful playback features.

I was surprised to rediscover the convenience of subtitles and how Elmedia offers them. One can choose the subtitle language, color, font and size while watching a movie. Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese subtitles are well supported by Elmedia as well as many other languages.

In case you have a movie with the soundtrack that you don’t particularly like, you can add any other external audio file to play with the video.

Both free and PRO versions of Elmedia Player have a native web browser, that opens in a separate window and lets you browse for online content, however, this feature is way more meaningful when you use Elmedia PRO. There you can browse for any online video you are interested in and actually download it with a mouse-click. There is a Download All option to save everything there is on the web page, but of course, you can save only a specific file. A really neat option is saving only MP3 file from a YouTube video (or Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook…).

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[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imnFtvz7zEY”]

In my opinion, Elmedia Player PRO is a worthy investment as it offers to download various online videos and audio files.