Block unwanted ADS, Popups also YouTube in-video ADS using Simple Extension

If you spend descent amount of time surfing on internet or searching and finding stuffs (just checkout the most famous torrent website: kickass Torrent ,it’s flooded with some annoying ads that you don’t want to see) then you must have encountered advertisements in multiple forms whether pop ups ,clickable or which plays on it’s on.Even if you don’t Surf on internet but loves to watch videos on YouTube then also you have to first watch the ads before watching the actual video …isn’t annoying?Or your watching your favorite movie on YouTube and suddenly an advertisement surprises you (in-video Ads).

Block unwanted ADS, Popups also YouTube in-video ADS using Simple Extension
Technically they are absolutely unavoidable and are somewhat annoying too.. !!
There’s really awesome extension available both for Google Chrome and Mozilla that suppresses the ads and prevents them from showing.This plugin also blocks ads of YouTube.You can follow the steps to get this plugin going effectively!!

Getting the Plugin

Open you chrome Browser and Click on the chrome Menu (☰) Button –>Select More Tools–>Extensions.
Chrome menu

Now click on “Get More Extensions” link at the bottom of the page.

get more plugin
Search for “Adblock Plus”,Now click the +free button and then add it in your Browser.
ad blocker plus
You will see that the Adblock Plus icon has been added in your chrome toolbar just next to Chrome Menu(☰)
ad blocker free
ad blocker add

Now since,you have installed Adblock Plus it’s good if you know little about it’s features:ad blocker options

  1. Click the ABP icon and select options,this will allow you to set basic options.
  2. Filter List:You will see the list of filters that are enabled ,you can also set your own,you will see that “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” is already checked by this it means that ABP will not block some intrusive small ads.
  3. Add Custom Filters: You can add your own filters in this section.
  4. Whitelisted Domain: It’s also good if you whitelist your favourite site,this will help them displaying there ads and get some revenue for them.So please whitelist your favorite Site TECHTECHNIK.COM
  5. You can also pause ABP at any time by disabling it on the site you wish to.
  6. Now visit kickass Torrent and see the change yourself!
This extension will automatically Block YouTube Advertisements too ,so that you can watch your favorite video uninterpreted..!!