ExpressVPN – Fast and Secure Premium VPN (Review)

There were many people asking for the Best VPN service in the marketing and after researching a bit i found the best VPN available in the market .ExpreeeVPN is surly the best VPN and the highest rated VPN service provider available.

expressVPN review


So lets take a quick look at some of the reasons that makes ExpressVPN different from other VPN providers:

  • Have dedicated server in over 78 countries:

If you want to access blocked sites or apps without geographic restrictions from all over the world than ExpressVPN will help you to access them because it provides hundreds of servers from locations in 78 countries.It also enables you to change your location at any time with one click and they also recommend the locations that they think will work best for your connection.ExpressVPN location2ExpressVPN locationsExpressVPN location 3

  • Provides Unlimited Bandwidth and server switches with 99.9% uptime:

One of the best thing provided by ExpressVPN is that it provides unlimited bandwidth so you don’t have to worry about your bandwidth getting low when watching your favourite TV show on Netflix :).So you can stresm and watch unlimited movies and videos without worrying about bandwidth .Another cool feature of ExpressVPN is that it’s servers are never down.Yes they provide 99.9% Uptime and .1% just forget about it! You can also make a switch from one server to another and then another and than another end number of times as it also provide unlimited server switches.

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  • Provides highest speed possible with Ultra secure connections:

Most of the VPN providers do provide number of servers in different countries but with really lame speed.So here ExpressVPN come to rescue you from those really slow VPN providers. ExpressVPN will defiantly provide you lightning fast speed whichever country you choose.It does not matter where in the world you are stationed; you will see optimal results depending on the internet speed you are using.Apart from blazing speed it also provides SSL secured network with 256 bit encryption hence making your connection secure.

ExpressVPN protects your identity

  •  Works on all Operating System:

Don’t know whether ExpressVPN will support your operating system than their is no need to worry as it supports every possible operating system ,just you name it and you have it working whether it be Windows or Mac or Android or iOS or even your Xbox and Linux!ExpressVPN supported operating system


  •  Have dedicated iOS and Android app with really clean and simple Interface:

Another advantage of using ExpressVPN is that you can Browse without location restrictions from your android and iPhone as it has really clean and simple interface app. You have to simply download ExpressVPN app according to your device compatibility (android or iOS) and enjoy access to restricted or blocked content securely and safely without revealing your IP address.ExpressVPN supports every device

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  •  Simultaneously connection on both computer and mobile phone:

ExpressVPN will let you connect one desktop and one mobile device at the same time from each subscription without any problem.That means that while you watch your favorite movie on PC your friend can access another great movie from mobile device..isn’t great?

Simultaneous Connection

  •  Doesn’t monitor or log your activities:

ExpressVPN will not at all keep a log of your browsing data. The information is not recorded and hence provide better security and privacy.


  • Provides 30 days money back guarantee:

Not satisfied with the service provided than ExpressVPN have 30 days money back guarantee as well. So be confident while buying the product as if you are not happy with the product you can get your money back.

Money back Guarantee

  • Have 24X7 customer support:

ExpressVPN provides 5 star customer support.If you ever run into a problem than you can either contact ExpressVPN via contact form or leave them a mail and they will respond you within an hour.They also provides Live Chat feature inorder to fix any issue online. The support representatives are very knowledgeable about their software, so any issue you may have will be taken care of professionally and efficiently.

ExpressVPN customer support

How to Set Up ExpressVPN?

Setting up ExpressVPN is very easy it will hardly take 5 min to set up ExpressVPN.

  1. Just goto their website: [thirstylink linkid=”5195″ linktext=”” class=”thirstylink” title=”ExpressVPN”]
  2. Click on Get ExpressVPN
  3. Choose your plan and then enter your Email Id
  4. Make Payment
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Once you’re signed up and have completed the payment process you will get a Email from ExpressVPN with a Link to your activation code .Now just download Express VPN and insert the activation code and you are done!

Are you a visual lerner than below video will help you to setup ExpressVPN

[su_youtube url=””]

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

Considering all the above features you must be thinking that it will cost you little more .But you will be surprised to know that ExpressVPN prices are very cheap so that everyone can afford it.Their are many plans for everyone, you can choose 1 month plan or 6 months plan or 12 months plan..its up to you!

ExpressVPN pricingGet ExpressVPN


You can get 30 free subscription days by refering ExpressVPN to your friend .All you have to do is just Sign up with ExpressVPN .You will get a unique referal link to share it with your friend and

Once your friend signs up, you’ll get notified and we’ll reward you both with 30 free subscription days!ExpressVPN referal


ExpressVPN is a best VPN service provider for good and welll deserved reasons. They deliver great speed, wide range of servers all over the world with 30 days Money back guarantee. The price is also not very high considering the features it provides.Overall if you are looking for the best VPN service provider than make ExpressVPN your first choice!