Facebook Tricks You must Try !!!

Facebook is full of tricks and tips ,all you have to do is discover those tricks …So, here we have listed some tricks that are viral on Facebook.However,there are changes that one or more trick may not work this is because of constantly changing algorithm of Facebook..!!

How to post a blank comment

In the comment post hold  alt key and write 0173 and then click post.!! (ALT+0173)


 I’m sure your friends will be surprised to see this. so I’ll not take your more time . Here is the trick
STEP 1. – First of all login to your FACEBOOK account.
STEP 2. – Now type this code in your status bar and click on post
STEP 3. – You have done, your blank status has been updated.. Thanks friends to read my this trick and i’ll be back with a new awesome trick. Thanks once again
NOTE: You can use this code multi-time to update long blank status i.e


You may have seen many people doing many facebook pranks.
This is one of them and most common.
 There are people who post about text arts in Facebook status but have you seen any of such arts in blue color?
Have you seen the same blue text arts linking to a particular Facebook Fan Page?
Some might have been seen this. Few days ago, I heard a trick to tag someone with a different name on Facebook but that trick is not working now as Facebook patched it. But now, the same trick is working again but with some conditions!
To tag someone with Different name on Facebook, you need the below code. The older trick which you used to tag someone with different name is now working when the same page is tagged originally. Paste the below code in your Facebook status and post it.


 Just follow these steps and make other Surprise,copy below code in the comment box.
@@[0:[0:1: My text is Green ]] 
 Instead of writing my text is Green write anything 

Magic trick time!

Copy your favorite color in the comment box see the result..

Blue comment trick

 Just follow these steps and make other Surprise, copy below code in the comment box.
@@[0:[0:1:my text is blue]]
Instead of writing my text is blue write anything..
[su_note note_color=”#ff8566″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”11″]NOTE:There is no guarantee that all of these tricks will work..[/su_note]