7 Google Secret Hidden Games and How to Find Them

This infographic lets you in on the secret Google Hidden Games you can find on your electronic devices using Google. When you’re looking to kill some time there’s no need to load-up a complex games as you can find games that have been hidden by Google on your android phone, tablet or even your main pc.

These hidden games are little gems that will let you play iconic games such as Atari Breakout, PacMan and Zerg Rush via Google Search or you can find more challenging games, including the addictive Flappy Droid, on your android phone. 

Google have revolutionised they way we use search and now it looks as if they are revolutionising the way we kill any spare time we have. Take a look at the infographic below as find out where you can find Google’s Hidden Games. They’re sitting there quietly in the background, so to speak, waiting for you to discover them. The infographic also gives you a quick glance at the type of games you can find, a difficulty rating and addictiveness level.

So, the next time you need to kill some time in the office, be smart and use your electronic device to play some of Google’s Hidden Games. If you’re canny and discreet no one will ever know what you’re doing when you should be working! Google have other hidden tricks as well which you can use to do several tasks. One of them is using Google Dorks. Checkout one of my article on how to Hack Google with Dorks.

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Here is an interesting infographic by euroffice illustrating all the Google Hidden Games that can played in chrome and how to find these games:

google hidden games

Did I missed any Google Hidden Games? Feel free to tell us by commenting below. Also do share your favorite Google Game!