How to create a strong social media presence for your brand in 2020

No matter how you see it, Social Media Platform has become very crucial for both small and large-sized businesses. I mean just look around you, almost every business has their presence known on social media. And the reason is that more than 54% of the total buyers use social media to look into the products they want to buy. And this is the reason why you must need to have a Social media presence for your brand.

When it comes down to social media marketing you need to be dead on the target with the mesmerizing visuals so that you can stop your audiences on their track. 

Here are the tips on how to create a strong Social media presence

Social media is like just a war between the two competitors competing to acter their best visuals to the audiences with the sole purpose of converting them into their customers. But that does not mean that you can go around approaching irrelevant audiences as well. 

How to create a strong social media presence

Let’s get deeper with this concept.

  • Funnelling down the relevant audience

The most important part of using social media is identifying who your audiences are. Your effort and the hard work should for those people who might be interested in your product and services, rather than being an irrelevant audience.

So start with analysing your audiences, and look into the matter that their behaviors matching with your buyer’s persona or not. You can start pinpointing the audience with respect to their age, gender, likings, etc. this way you will be able to weed out all the irrelevant audiences.

  • Selecting the right social media platform

It is very important to choose one social media that perfectly suits your needs. Every social media platform has a different kind of audiences. Facebook being exceptional. Because face has most of the social media users of all age groups.

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Yes, it is true that Facebook is a great arena where you can solidify your relationship with your audiences and can build brand trust. But that does not mean that you have to stick with Facebook for all kinds of social media marketing. There are other platforms as well that will be well suited if there is a need for a particular kind of people.

For example, if you want to look for a professional, then LinkedIn is best suited than Facebook. Because LinkedIn mostly has professionals on its platforms.

  • Use the right Social media optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of relevant keywords for relevant audiences. Social media optimization uses all the data of your business and then use relevant keywords to attract your audiences with creative and appealing content.

SMO synchronizes all your data with the keywords and then caters to relevant content to the potential customers.

  • Follow a posting schedule

Posting content on a daily basis is the best way to keep your audience engage with the brands. While you are maintaining your business social media, you need to make sure that you are consistent with your posts. As it represents the authenticity of your brand.

With that being said, you must also have a schedule for the post. This way you can give a hint to the audience that they can expect something at the given time. This creates an eagerness within your audience.

  • Go for high-quality content
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When it comes down to social media quality matters the most. No matter how many posts you have created, if the posts are unable to capture the audience’s attention the all your effort and hard work are equal to null. So, it is better to create compelling content that inspires people rather than random content.

Use all the elements that are at your disposal. Images, video, audio, text, or anything will do if it is a perfect match for your content. Use every means possible to make your content stand out from your competitors.

  • Provide best online customer services

Customer services go a long way in building brand trust and improve customer’s loyalty towards your brand. If a customer comes up to you with his/her problem and is not awarded with a tailored answer. There is a chance he/she will turn to your competitors. So, it is very important to look into the customer’s problem and try to solve every query.

Good customer service is an inseparable addition to the other services that you are providing to your customers. A customer if satisfied by your great customer support service, will be a marketer for your brand to their acquaintances.

  • Take advantages of the analytic tools

It is very important to measure each and every aspect of your social media progress. Only after that, you will be able to conclude which strategy is working for you and which strategy is bringing in more ROI.

With the use of social media analytical tools, you will be able to see every result in the form of numerical value. This way you will able to measure your reach, likes, share and every possible aspect that is responsible for boosting your brand on social media.

  • Go for Social media influencer
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There are many people on the various social media platforms, who are well known among the people. These people are also known as micro influences. We all know how influential marketing affects the branding world.

Every business takes help from the actors and actresses to promote their brand. This strategy is never going to die. So why not you also implement this strategy for your business. Search for the micro-influencer, pitch them to work for you. This will really ging to boost your ROI in 2020.

  • Be aware of the new trends

The trends and expected norms are always evolving. You need to be proactive enough to keep tabs on all the new trends that are hovering around you. These trends might be relevant to your brand if so you can use these trends for your ad campaign to boost your brand awareness.

Social media is the most dynamic place in the digital marketing industry. Hence, be aware of every change that you can utilize for your branding strategies.

Bonus Tip

There are times when organic methods do not work. Do not be afraid of paying for boosting your content. At first, it may seem wastage of money but the results are worth trying. You will be able to fully customize your paid promotion, starting from the age group to the gender-based people. This way you will be sure of one thing that your content will reach the right audience that matches your buyer’s persona.