How to get started with HACKING (Beginner’s Hacking Guide 2018)

This Beginner’s Hacking Guide will definitely help you in learning to hack. I have tried to cover all the aspects that are required to become a hacker. This guide may not be helpful for an advance hacker but will definitely help a person who is new in the world of hacking. I have also added certain courses in between to help you learn better. These courses are paid but you can get maximum discount on these courses by checking the deal section of my website. So without wasting your time, let’s start with the tutorial.

The first and the primary thing is that you have to learn “Programming”. The reason behind learning programming is that each and everything that you see and use on the internet is nothing but programming.
For Example: when you press Ctrl+U of your keyboard then you will see some script popping up, in that is nothing but programming!

hacking Guide

HTML and CSS are the most basic and primary languages you will see on every site… even when you visit your favorite site like Techtechnik(*cough*), Facebook, or any other site! Before starting this ‘awesome’ stuff, you have to learn at least some of the listed programming.

Before we get started let me familiarize you with the types of hackers and what image do they have in our world.

Types of Hackers

There exist three types of hackers to be precise. One, a good guy which we call them as “White-Hat Hackers”, other one is a mixture of good and bad and goes by the name “Grey-Hat Hackers” and the last is the bad guy which are knowns as “Black-Hat Hacker”. There is a misconception that people think hackers are the one which takes down big companies, hack into their system or install malware secretly and much more but those are not hackers but Crackers. Crackers are the guys who hack into things with evil intentions. So, don’t confuse between hackers and crackers!

White-Hat Hackers

These types of hackers are hired by big professional companies to hack into their systems and find loopholes and other shortcomings into their system as to protect themselves from Black-Hat Hackers. White Hat hackers have a good intention when hacking.

Grey-Hat Hackers

They are a mixture of Black-hat hacker and White-hat hacker. They may help you but generally for illegal reasons or with the intention to earn money. They might hack into the system without permission and may tell you the loopholes in exchange with money.

Black-Hat Hackers: They are the one who are willing to do worst things. They may take down your website or leak sensitive information. Their intentions are evil and it is advised to stay away from Black-Hat hackers.

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Now after knowing the type of hackers, lets know some of the tools and programs used by them. Personally, I’ll refer you to some of the mind-blowing and cool programming languages that you must learn and also source or place from which you can learn them and get the best out of this hacking guide.

Programming Languages

  • Web-Desing/Developing
  • HTML5 (Somewhat Easy)
  • CSS3 (Somewhat Easy)
  • JavaScript (Somewhat Easy – Average)
  • PHP (Somewhat Average – Hard)
  • MySQL (Somewhat Average – Hard)

Let me throw some light on these Languages:


It is the newest version of HTML, every paragraph, sentence or images that you see on the internet are made all in HTML, and the appearance or look, size, etc etc… are made in CSS.
So in short, HTML is the content and CSS is the layout (how it is designed). Here is an excellent tutorial that can be used to learn HTML5 in just 1 hour, just click on the pic and you will be directed to the course:

[su_box title=”

Learn HTML5 in 1 hour
” radius=”4″]HTML5[/su_box]


It is another most powerful and popular scripting languages used on the web… and is the oldest as the web is. And you can do some cool things with it such as making slideshows with it or open hundreds of tabs at once, with a simple easy trick. Here another great course to learn Javascript:

[su_box title=”

JavaScript for beginners in 1 hour
” radius=”4″]



These are used for databases. Most of the chats/forums are based on PHP.
It will be really good if you understand those languages, they play very vital part in website security (especially MySQL). You should also not miss this course to learn MySQL and PHP.

[su_box title=”

The Complete MySQL Developer Course
” radius=”4″]

[su_box title=”

PHP for Beginners -Become a PHP Master
” radius=”4″]

If you get a small idea about computer programming it will be good for you..although you can’t make websites with them, but of course, you can make other nice things like apps, little programs, games, and viruses.. too ;)

Computer Programming

  • Batch (Easy)
  • C (Average)
  • Python (Easy)
  • Visual Basics (Easy with Visual Studio)

Let’s discuss computer languages more:


It is a much common language that is used worldwide, not for professional things, but for small fun and effective things.

Batch enables you to create small viruses or can make PC crash, however, this is not the primary purpose of Batch.


With C you can literally make anything and everything!
The only disadvantage about it is that you have to make a separate GUI for it, (Graphic User Interface). Go tgrough the below tutorial and enhance your C skills.

[su_box title=”

C : From Beginner to Expert
” radius=”4″]


Visual Basics

It is also a great language, but it’s not that much easy.Visual Basics enables you to make your own professional app, a lot of RATs are made in Visual Basics, and you can make your own small browsers with it!

[su_box title=”

Learning Visual Basic .NET – A Guide To VB.NET Programming
” radius=”4″]

Visual Basic[/su_box]

Good websites to Learn from

  • <of course! 
  • <Good for HTML & CSS
  • <’HQ’ forum
  • <interactive fun courses, good way to learn

and of course, you can Google them to learn!

Programs that will help you in Hacking

You don’t have to do each and everything by will be too lengthy and confusing, so there are people who have created and contributed …isn’t nice?
There are a lot of free programs available on net as well as in the market which will aid you in your journey.

I have listed some programs that you’ll definitely need for hacking.

RAT (Remote Administration Tool)
REFOG (Key-logger)
Darkcomet (RAT)
Rage Booter (Booter)
Hydra (Brute-force)
Cyberghost5 (VPN) 

Let’s throw some light on each program:

Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

It is a program that enables hackers to control the PC of their victim.
The hacker gets victims (or better known as slaves) by spreading a Trojan, Trojan can be defined as a Malware(malicious software) that is made by a hacker Hackers spread their Trojan by mostly presented it as a helpful handy program so that other downloads it..!! But instead, that program became handy they give the hackers access to your computer. By this I mean that they have access to all your important files, keyboard, cam, mouse, edit your folders! To complete their objective hackers must make an undetectable Trojan so that antiviruses can’t detect it, hackers do that by encrypting it.
At present, Darkcomet is a good free RAT and easy to use.


is much easier than rat, all it does is it will records victim’s keys pressed from a keyboard and obviously can be used to find the password of your victim. An example of a key-logger is REFOG…


A brute force program forces a password to be a right brute.
To work with a brute-force program, first of all, you need some things: A Brute force program, of course, a password list, a username list (optional).
Hydra is an example of a brute-force program.
A password list is just a list of passwords…
The program will match and try every combination of the word in that list until he has found the good one.


A booter is a tool to DDoS! Well, let me tell you DDoS’ing is not Hacking!
Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) is used to take a site’s servers down.
Whenever you open’s or visit a site you actually ping it with 32 bytes, then the site accepts that request and answers it. Each and every site or server wants to answer on every request it receives.
A DDoS is considered good if it contains 65000GB/second…and of course, the site or server can’t answer all those requests and it gets excited and finally taken off the internet. (Server becomes Down!).
A Botnet can help you to perform DDos, you just let each and every PC on your botnet pings that site. ;)
DoS (Denial of Service) is a sister of DDoS it isn’t distributed means that it is only performed from one PC, one network. You can do it simply with CMD  > Ping –t –l 65000) you can only take down small sites with it who has a low bandwidth (amount of visitors a site can take).

Virtual Private Network(VPN)

It is a very nice tool to hide your IP so that you can remain anonymous as an IP can be used to trace your physical location. Cyberghost5 is an example of a Free VPN.
But Be careful while choosing your VPN as there are some VPN’s that keep logs. That means that they keep your info and real location.

Thinking Like Hackers


The most important thing for a hacker is to remain “anonymous” i.e when you will do any illegal activities or even any ethical stuff you won’t be caught by cops.

As I have already told you about a tool to hide your IP, a VPN, and Proxy as we have discussed above.
A VPN like I already explained hides your IP by connecting you to another server, a proxy actually does the same! :D
You only have to use a VPN or Proxy when you’re doing your activities, after them, you turn it off.

Let me explain it a bit. People will do everything to find you, so even a little mistake can lead you to cops or you can be found! You have to put people on a dead track.

Whenever planning to do some hacking stuff you start your PC on with a proxy, and then do you work and then turn off the proxy after completing the work and don’t use internet for 20-30 mins after that, you start it up without any proxy, and do your legal normal things.

How to Do Hacking

You can hack with a number of methods, I have listed some of them

  • Wi-Fi hacking
  • RAT-infecting
  • Key-logging
  • SQLi
  • E-whoring
  • Brute-Forcing

We have already discussed some of these methods but we have also included some new thing like SQLi, Wi-Fi hacking, and e-whoring.

SQL injection, in short, is called SQLi, and actually, means hacking of the database of a website.
All you need to do it is just a Browser that’s it!
It also not that hard at all. You play with the URL of the website so the result are the content of the database.
Wi-Fi is actually a wireless router. And you can hack it by using any brute-force program like Hydra but there are also special programs for it like Reaver.

E-whoring is another thing that I will not consider as a hacking method but you should learn it.
Most of the time hackers act like they are girls or women in chat rooms, they got fake and hot videos, pictures and webcam videos of girls too. Now, as men will be men, they pay a lot of money for more pictures and videos or even sometimes send money to the hacker (fake girl).

Make your Decision Wisely (Hackers style)

Well, You must have gained some knowledge about hacking from his hacking guide, but the point is where you are going to use this knowledge is most important?
Will you use this knowledge for good ethical purposes?
Or by doing harm to innocent people?
It’s entirely your choice what hat to wear “Blackhat” or “White hat”
If you choose to wear a black hat you will be involved in  all illegal activities related to hacking and of course, you could get messy with governments or security agencies or cops
If you choose to wear the white hat, this includes all legally authorized activities.
But of course, your choice is really important and can be life-changing.
But if you choose to be a White Hat and use your knowledge for ethical purposes, cops, of course, won’t be after you.
Even when you do un-authorized things for good, your punishment would be really small or even none. ;)

I hope you found my Beginners hacking guide a bit interesting and helped you! :D

Any suggestions are appreciated! ;)

Thanks for reading.