How to Hack And Bypass Android Password/Pattern/Face/PI Lock!!

Have you set your android phone pattern and forget what it was??

Or want to hack someone else pattern lock,Well in this world there are lot of ways to do this…

Hacking Android pattern will be very easy with these methods and you will for sure able to break through the security set by you or someone else..

[su_quote](NOTE:You don’t need rooted devices to unlock(However,it is better if the phone is rooted).[/su_quote]

Both the methods are Applicable for any Android or tablet device.Hack Android Password/Pattern/Face/PI Lock
Disclaimer:This article is for educational purpose only, don’t use to crack android pattern lock on other people’s phone without their permission 


Step 1: Enable USB debugging

First of all goto settings and developer options(If you don’t see the developer option then go to about phone and tap build number multiple times.It should prompt that “you are the developer” ) and check the Android and USB  debugging option.

open cmd

Step 2: Download and Open ADB

Install  adb on your PC.

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Now connect your phone to PC.

Open adb containing folder and hold “shift key of your keyboard and right click your mouseon the window empty space,then click open command window.

To check whether device is connected type adb devices in cmd terminal..and it will show weather device is connected or not


Step 3: Type following Commands in cmd prompt

Now you must write the following commands in your cmd prompt:

List of cmd to write

inherit;”> 1.   adb shell.

 2.   Then write su.

 3.    rm/data/system/locksettings.db ,then hit enter.

 4.    rm//data/system/locksettings.db-wal ,then hit enter.

 5.    rm//data/system/locksettings.db-wal-shm, then hit  enter.

 6.    And finally write exit to exit root, hit enter

 7.    Now write adb reboot,hit enter

Now you must Reboot your phone


Primary step for all methods

1.   Download and Extract to anywhere-Bypass Security Hack(Download from attachments)

2.   Open SQLite Database Browser 2.0.exe in SQLite Database Browser

3.   Run pull settings.db.cmd inside By-pass security Hacks folder to pull out the setting file out of your phone.

4.   Drag settings.db and drop to SQLite Database Browser 2.0.exe program.

5.   Navigate to Browse data tab, At table there, click to list down the selection & selete secure

Instruction To Remove Pattern Lock:

1.   Now, find lock_pattern_autolock, Delete Record

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2.   Close & save database

3.   Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

Instruction To Remove PIN Lock:

1.   Now, Find Or Create lockscreen.password_type, double-click & change it’s value to 65536, Apply changes!

2.   Now, find lock_pattern_autolock, Delete Record, If doesn’t exist, Ignore

3.   Close & save database

4.   Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

Instruction To Remove Password Lock:

1.   Now, find lockscreen.password_salt, Delete Record

2.   Now, find lockscreen.password_type, Delete Record

3.   Close & save database

4.   Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

[su_quote]Downlaod Bypass Security Hack(COURTESY: XDA FORUMS)

Download ADB[/su_quote]

Note :If you see the gesture Pattern Grid or Password After Restarting..Don’t worry Just try any random password or pattern and it should unlock.!These methods will not work in some of the phones!