How to run two Whatsapp accounts simultaneously on your android phone, No Root required.

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging platform right now.With 430 million active users, that was supposed to be 200 million in April 2013, WhatsApp doubled it’s users in less than an year. After its acquisition by facebook, number of features and users are definitely going to be increase. Whatsapp is way ahead of its rivals, but what’s lacking is running multiple accounts. So, here is a trick to run two Whatsapp accounts simultaneously on your Android phone.

run two whatsapp accounts

Before we begin, you will need:

  • Any Android device capable of running official Whatsapp app.
  • OGWhatsapp apk file, this app is not available on Play Store. Download it from OGWhatsapp official page.
[su_quote]Note: Don’t install OGWhatsapp before we ask you to do so and enable third-party install before installing it.[/su_quote]
Lets begin
  • Backup your Whatsapp messages.
  •  Copy WhatsApp’s Folder from the phone to My Computer or any other folder in your sd card.
copy whatsapp folder
  • Completely uninstall Whatsapp and fully delete WhatsApp’s folder in your phone which can be found easily.
    • Now Install Whatsapp from Google Playstore and register it along with your secondary number (the one you needed in OGWhatsapp) (secondary sim card inserted).
  • Backup your Whatsapp app and save it (just go to Settings > Chat History > Backup)
  • Now,Uninstall whatapp (but you don’t have to delete the WhatsApp folder from your phone)
  • Now Whatsapp folder has to be rename from WhatsApp and to OGWhatsApp in the phone.
Rename to OGWhatsapp
  • OGWhatsApp has to be installed now and register it with the secondary number (secondary sim card inserted).
  • Now OGWhatsApp should be operating fine with your secondary number.
  • From my computer Copy back the folder Whatsapp to /sdcard/WhatsApp in your phone.
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  • When you will register your primary mobile number whatsapp will restore the backup so that your Whatsapp is same as it was before you started.
Now you are all set to run two Whatsapp accounts on your phone.
If you wish to thank the developer of this app, please visit xda-OGWhatsApp.
Developer official page: OGWhatsAPP.