Identify Fake Facebook accounts with these simple tricks

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It has 3.5 billion users all over the world. Some uses Facebook to make new friends where as some use it to do scam and potentially illegal activities. Making a fake Facebook account has became tend. Almost 30% profiles on Facebook are fake. After all Facebook is also a machine and it don’t easily identify the difference between real accounts and fake accounts.In this article i will be covering some tricks to Identify Fake Facebook accounts.

Let me tell you my experience of creating a fake Facebook account.I created a fake Facebook profile with a Girl name and a fake pic of a girl.I didn’t added any other information like about us or any other picture other than profile picture.Than i stated sending friend requests to random people. I was surprised to find out that almost every man accepted my request just looking at the reveling fake profile picture. I was soon able to get 1.5k friends within 2 months. By this experiment i found out that how easy is to sway people and be friend with them and get all their personal information. So i decided to write an article to let people identify fake Facebook profiles so that they can protect their personal and confidential information from strangers.But the point is how to find these fake profile and how we can protect your family and friends from getting hacked by these fake profile users and accounts. In this article i will be covering why it is necessary to identify fake Facebook accounts and how you can identify fake Facebook accounts.

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Why is it necessary to identify fake Facebook account?

First and foremost thing is that if someone is using a fake account then he is definitely a con person. Nobody uses fake account just like that,he must be having some motto behind creating a fake account.

Although they may represent themselves as a friend of your or romantic interest or befriending with you to play some mind game. But fake account is not acceptable after all you never know whether the person has created the account just for fun or for some illegal activity.

A person can use fake account to steal users information or credit card information or some other personal information. They may also use you to manipulate someone else. There are many other potential risk of becoming friends with fake Facebook account. So beware before accepting a friend request or sending a friend request!

How to identity fake accounts:

The identification of fake Facebook accounts is entirely based on observation. All you have to observe before accepting the friend request or if you have already accepted some random friend requests how you can identify them.

Identify fake Profile Picture

The first thing we see when we gets a friend request is generally their profile picture.So identifying profile picture is first in our list. If you finds any suspicious Facebook account then do reverse image search.Follow the steps to do reverse image search.

  1. Download suspicious profile to your desktop.
  2. Goto google image search.Drag and drop the image to the search space.
  3. Now you will get all the similar or same image results. And you can easily identify whether the profile pic is genuine or not.If you don’t get any search results than the person is real.
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Wait for 1st January

This is the best way to identify fake Facebook accounts. Most of the fake account sets their birthday as 1st January as this is the first option that we get while selecting our birthday date. So chances are more that the person will select this date while making a fake Facebook account.

Contact and number

We all know that most of the girls don’t show their contact information and keeps them private. So you should not easily get sway by looking a beautiful pic of a girl! Just check whether contact details are visible or not and if they are visible then chances are more that its a fake Facebook profile.

Checkout their Timeline

Take some time to check the suspicious person timeline as timeline tells about a person alot. Most of fake profile have “female” as gender but this doesn’t mean that all female profile are fake.All you have to do is little detective work.About me section will also help in identifying the fake account if it doesn’t have anything in the about section than they it may be a fake profile.

If their photo album also shoes only 1 or 2 photos and of celebrities only than its pretty obvious that it is a fake profile.

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Keep an eye on User activities

This is the most helpful method to identify a fake Facebook account.All you have to do is some research work.Just keep an eye on user activity if he is accepting to many friends request or getting involved in too many groups than he must have created the page for promoting some product or activity.

Check their friends

Check their friends whether they have more global or local friends. If thy have more of local friends than the person is likely to be real however profile with lots of global friends are mostly fake account. Even if account has very few friends than there are chances that the account is fake as the account was created not to connect with friends but for some other reason.

Here we have an infographic from Barracuda Labs which revolves around Fake Facebook accounts facts.

How to Identify Fake Facebook accounts

What to do once you have identify fake account?

The best thing you can do is Unfriend them and warn other friends and family members about the suspicious profile. Never accept unknown people friend.

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