Make MONEY from Home with simple Mouse Clicks!

Do you want to make some money some serious money or make money from home? Sure you do..after all why not??

I know you’ve had enough of the daily grind or all day long toil in the coal mine …LOL

make money from homeAren’t you just a little mad you’ve been working so hard just to make ends meet while the rich and the Powerful have been living their lives like Kings?
It’s not fair, is it?

Well, I know it’s not!

I know it Because  I was once just like you

But, Not anymore,You too can escape this life of misery and I have the way out you’ve been looking for..!!
If you are interested then keep reading and I will tell you how I made $572.34 per month as an extra income while working at home!

Well, the simplest way I followed was through PTC sites !

PTC or Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to make money from home.

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Paid To Click, or simply PTC websites, provide direct relationship between advertisers and consumers;

It’s very to easy to understand the working of PTC sites

“the advertiser pays for displaying ads on PTC websites and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.”

When you register on a lot of PTC sites, click the required ads every day and get hundreds of referrals you can start earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

All of you who want to earn Money online well this is the fastest way to do it.
A friend of mine told me about  a PTC site known as Clixsense and I believed him as he showed me the Payout that he received and it was huge. A $342 payout.

I researched it a bit and firstly found that it’s Alexa rank was pretty was 517…i checked its forum and found out some of the payment proofs…!!

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Here are brief instructions on how to Make Money from Home and what I did:

Earn Easy MONEY online from Home with simple Mouse Clicks- CLixsense

Pre-registration First:

Make your Email address if you don’t have one..before you enter this world of earning you should have a payment processor to receive payments or withdraw your online earning..o you should sign up a free Paypal account!!

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Register on Clixsense by Clicking here to sign up for FREE


After successfully login in your account click “view ads” at the Menu bar and start earning cash either by :
clicking/viewing/surfing advertisements about 3-5 seconds each ad or you can play games or do a survey or mini task to boost your earning.


Be patience and check for Surveys and tasks every day. Also, complete offers to boost your earning.


Cash-out your Money to your Paypal account when you have reached the Minimum Payout at Clicksense, which is $8.00.

Payment Proof:

Paypal proof

The above-mentioned method to make money from home is the simplest method among all and can be used to earn serious money by working from home.THUMBS_UP_82That’s how I Earned and You can too..!!!

Try it YOURSELF.!!