Mobile App Development Software you should be using in 2016

According to the recent tendencies, a company  that wants to become popular with its clients and convenient for them can’t go without an app. You’ll say what can be easier nowadays than find a developer to do this for you. But wait a minute. What about all the expenses and time if you are about to get a high-quality product that will satisfy your clients.
There are two common ways of solving the trouble. First, you can hire three developers that will create a native app for all iOS, Android, and Windows. You’ll get a great app in UX/UI way, but you’ll spend a fortune of time and money, as well. Secondly, you can go with the hybrid development that is fast in implementation, but the user experience of such an app leaves much to be desired.
Here I am going to introduce you to Xamarin and show how to find a golden mean. Xamarin is an Mobile App Development Software.The case is Xamarin lets developers share up to 90% of a non-interface code. In such a way, you can save time. What about money? It’s easy: this shareable code is written in one language – C#. So, you can hire only one developer who will make a native app for all iOS, Android, and Windows.

Xamarin has pretty much other useful option. Let’s see what they are:

First of all, I should mention here Xamarin Test Cloud. It is the feature that will interact with your app exactly in the way your users will do to check for all the possible bugs. It will scroll, swipe, and much more. Xamarin quality assurance process is a little bit different from the native one in the way you have to test the code only once for all iOS, Android, and Windows. Moreover, you need again only one specialist for this. Such a detail provides more integration and accelerates the procedure.
Another Xamarin benefit is Xamarin Insights. This service provides you with the statistics about your app functioning. What’s interesting, it lets you know exactly what crushes influenced what users. Plus, you can set up special triggers to track information about a particular event. It is a complete analytics of your app functioning and your users interaction.
Moreover, your developer will say “thank you” if you choose Xamarin as he/she needs only C# knowledge to successfully create an app that will be native for all Android, iOS, and Windows. Plus, it is really convenient to work with Xamarin as it updates its features really quickly after iOS/Android/Windows launches their new versions.
To sum up, Xamarin provides perfect UI and UX by creating native apps. It gives developers full access to the features and APIs of an app. Xamarin decreases time-to-market through its code sharing feature. Xamarin saves your money by letting only one specialist work on three-platform-native app.
Here is an awesome tutorial to Start building an App with Xamarian.
Here is an infographic by Glorium Technologies to help you understand more about Xamarin:
Mobile App Development Software- Xamarin
Still hesitate and not sure if this option is right for your perfect future app? Glorium Technologies will gladly answer all your questions!