Most Expensive Android Apps [Infographic]

People always look for the best offers on Android games and apps. Users most of the times choose free versions and Freemium titles also win the game because of their free price tag and ability to capture the attention of the buyers. However, there are expert developers who charge money for their games and apps. As we all know that Android is one of the most popular operating platforms for smart phones and people are attracted towards Android not because it is easy to use and provide superior functionalities, yet even because android apps are cheaper. Open source functionality and millions of application provided with android are some of the main reasons behind its widespread popularity.

One of the best things about recent mobile tech advancements is that the price of software has dropped. Few years ago, stuffing a computer with genuine software would have cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But now you can fill up your table with lots of apps and games for less cash. There are exceptions, some of the apps come with a price tag and others use the features like in-app purchase and advertising to make money. We can’t hide the fact that users today are addicted to their smart phones. The way we used to communicate before all these mobile tech advancements have now changed completely. We can’t even think of a single day without our phones. Technology has literally changed our lives.

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Coming back to the point, mobile apps come in different categories and today you can find an app for almost anything you could imagine. We are going to shed some light on the most expensive android apps through this visual representation created by Hot Bargain Phones. Go through the same and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.

Most Expensive Android Apps