Pros and Cons of Buying Lenovo K4 Note

Lenovo has been the established brand in the laptop and computer segment till date. Slowly this company has also proven its worth in the Smart Phone market with its big size, feature rich phones offered in small budget. Those who have already used the smart phones from the company will have their own review about this phone but for others who have not yet tried the phones from this company yet, here are the details of its advantages and disadvantages. The successor of Lenovo K3 Note is already in the Indian market and while the former one is already a big success, this new phone has still to prove its worth. If you have been thinking of buying Lenovo K4 Note but have not yet found the valid reason to do that then here are the advantages and disadvantages of this phone that will mainly back your buying or not buying decision!

Pros and Cons of Buying Lenovo K4 Note

Reasons for buying this budget phone

  • Fingerprint Scanner

There are many phones available in this budget and even cheaper, but this would be the only phone offered with fingerprint scanner in this budget. You may have heard of many high-end phones marketing their device on the basis of this security feature but now the same security is available for cheap. The fingerprint scanner offered on the backside of this phone may be one of the major reasons for buying this phone if you are concerned about the data stored in your phone.

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  • Attractive Exteriors

The phone looks good and most importantly it is different. You will get full metal body in your range and this is further enhanced with the wooden back cover. The phone looks stunning because of this amazing features not available in other low budget phones. The body is curvy and attractive.

  • RAM

All the phones in this range are equipped with 2GB RAM that is sufficient but not for those who use their Smart Phone to the fullest. This phone on other hand has 3GB RAM capable of taking all operational hassles comfortably. The RAM is sufficient for gaming and using most of the apps without any operational issues.

  • Theater Max

This is Lenovo feature and added to K4 Note by the company. The feature can be used to convert any multimedia content to virtual reality. This way videos, movies, and games can be enjoyed with enhanced experience of theater. You will be able to enjoy better sound quality with clear picture.

  • NFC

NFC is not new to most of the smart phones above the 20 K range but it is surely new for the phone ranged in 12 K range. You can easily transfer the information between two android devices while using NFC.

Apart from the above features, this phone has two front facing speakers for better media experience. It has 5.5 inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for added safety and 13MP camera.

Above reasons are good enough to buy this budget phone but there are many reasons that go against buying decision and they are mentioned here:

  • Charger

While most of the smart phones are switching to fast charging technology, Lenovo missed out on introducing the same in this new phone. The phones falling into mid budget range are also equipped with quick charging facility and hence you would find this phone lacking on this point.

  • Heating

Though it is not otherwise proven, users have come across little heating on using this phone. When you use this phone for gaming or browsing, the phone gets heated. The heating is minimal and would be on the warmer side. It is equipped with 3GB RAM yet the heating of the CPU is the common issue. Though this can be taken as the drawback, it is very low to change your buying decision. The wooden back absorbs the heat well.

  • Preloaded Apps

Company has included many apps in the Preloaded app category. This eventually takes up lot of space and keeps on running in the background. The performance and storage of the phone are affected because of these unnecessary apps.

  • HDMI Port

You will not get HDMI port in this phone. It is also not having MHL Out.

  • Operating System

The operating system provided is Android 5.1 Lollipop and the latest Android Marshmallow has been missed out by the company. There has not been any update by the company regarding the up gradation of the operating system and that would turn down many potential buyers.

The pros and cons of buying this new Lenovo K4 Note are given here and you can weigh them for your own requirement. Overall the phone is good for its price and if you can ignore some of the disadvantages, it will turn out to be a great gadget to own.