Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android

Android has been the most popular mobile operating system and iOS is the second most popular operating system after Android. Android has gained its popularity because of its open source nature and is available at low prices. But iOS is popular in developed countries which have high per capita income. According to a survey, iOS is leading in 38 countries, most of which include US, UK, China etc. while android is leading in 138 countries.

Android apps vs iOS apps

Statistically, Android is covering around 81% of global market share while iOS 15% market and rest by others.iOS is the primary choice of 32.7% developers while android has been chosen by 34.4% as the primary platform. According to developers, there are 36% iOS apps which developed within a month while 41% android apps were developed in one month or less time.
It is said that Android is made for poor people because 85% android apps are free on Google Play Store while only 25% free iOS apps on iTunes.iOS apps are published at the cost of $99 per year and android apps are published in $25 a year.The average cost of an app out of top 100 paid apps is $1.47 and $3.74 for iOS and android respectively.
In June 2014, it was seen that android apps had a retention rate of 45%, while iOS had 35% app retention rate. In this article, you would also know the projected and actual sales and revenue generated by android and iOS, mobile commerce and lot more. The following infographic will better explain all this to you.
 Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android

Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

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