Smartphone Trends and Usage Statistics [Infographic]

Smartphones have really changed the way we used to communicate. Now with so many new features offered by latest mobile phone, we can easily send texts, browse internet, share life events and many more. There are number of mobile apps we use almost daily. The shift towards mobile has opened doors for mobile marketing and now popular brands are engaging visitors and earning good revenues through their mobile apps. The future of mobile marketing is bright and investing money on a mobile app for your business will surely bring fruitful results.

Here we have an infographic from Hot Bargain Phones which revolves around the popular smartphone trends and usage statistics. This infographic also provides information about an average mobile users, operating system he/she is using, age, browser and gender. Go through the same and get to know how these trends and statistics can prove helpful for you to plan your mobile marketing campaign.

Smartphone Trends and Usage Statistics
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