Social Media Hacks for Getting Employed!

21st century has brought on screen a new face of virtual networking. Soon the world will see everything going online. All businesses today have an online presence, if not through their personal company websites, through social media forums. Why social media has gained so much of success and popularity since past 5 to 10 years is no hidden mystery. These platforms are a direct communication and socializing tool for individuals from across the world. Initially interaction through these networking sites would not exceed the boundaries of friendship but now we see a shift in dynamics. E-commerce is also making its place into these social showcases, we see how online transactions on Amazon and e-bay are revising consumer buying media hacks to get job

E-commerce fitting in social media networks will benefit employees more than employers. Where job portals are getting saturated with heaps of CVs of fresh graduates and unemployed, it is really difficult to hunt for the right talent. As for candidates looking for jobs there is a massive confusion especially when it comes to knowing the nature of job. Most job posts are secretive about the designation and are not that relaxed in discussing the roles a candidate should expect. This is to some extent the requirement of the portals too.

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I can however be claimed with certainty that social media sites could prove to be more beneficial for job hunters if they strictly adhere to the following tips.

Hack 1-Tell the world who you are:

Now candidates are more relaxed on these social forums and tend to reveal their interests and hobbies more openly as compared to professional job sites. These days I must say that recruiters are more interested in what potential an employee has rather than just sticking to his credentials. In order to tell them who you really are, you have to maintain an impressive social media profile. For example on face book and twitter you can always follow groups and publish posts that show your direct interests. If you are for instance searching for a job in finance department you can easily show your interest by following trends related to finance on twitter and joining groupson face book that relate to the concerned topic.

Hack 2-Your page or community could do wonders:

The Best part about social media platforms is that they don’t cost you a dime. A page that is made free of cost can get you like huge profits once it hits the right track. If you are unemployed you can take this as a full time project. For sure it will not give you monetary benefits at the beginning but your PR and Credibility could easily be showcased. Recruiters can easily analyze how effective your management skills online are and can give you long-term projects. Many people have yet not grasped the benefits freelancing can reap you particularly when you are jobless. The rule for social media forums is simple, the more the following and responsiveness the higher shall be the benefits.

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Hack 3-Maintain your own blogs:

In any case you have to show what capabilities you have to get hired. Writing I believe is the best method that can portray your skills effectively. For online or for on desk you just have to let the recruiters know your reading and writing ability. This skill adds up to the rest of your expertise as a bonus. Blogging is again a very convenient way of spreading your ideas and inviting people. Let your blogs share with others your plans for future and your requirements in a lively manner. This could get you some direct traffic-trust me. You can manage these blogs on word press and let social sites link to them. Try using keywords in your writing so that search engine crawlers can easily get to you.

Hack 4- Chip in your comments:

Apart from managing your own plates on social media it is also important that you add up on constant basis, stuff, in other plates too.  It means being active on groups of your interest. You can comment re- tweet/re-post and offer suggestions and advice on stuff shared by other group members. You have to show your social presence by keeping your viewers updated on recent trends and topics and also allow them to give feedback on your opinions. You can also try diverting traffic to your own page and blogs but in a subtle manner so that it does not appear to be a spam.

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Wrapping it up, these are few tricks that could let you succeed online via social media and if you really aren’t looking for online work you can pretty easily build a strong profile through these networks. The more online credibility you have the higher will be your chances of securing a job of your choice.