Things to keep in mind before creating an APP!

App store and Play Store  are flooded with number of apps ,to be precise there are nearly 1.6 million of apps available on both Google Play Store as well as on Apple Store.

Considering these stats we know that there is huge market and really good business market for apps creator or developers.
So if you are planning to jump into this business then keep in mind that the competition is tough and it’s very difficult to keep in pace with the existing competition ..As we all know Charles Darwin’s theory !
Here we have listed some handy tips that you should keep in mind before starting your great app!
 Things to keep in mind Before creating an APP

 Target the community:

When creating an app you should first ask yourself a question: who is going to download your App?,Why you are creating this App? and why should they download your app.

Targeting a particular commuting is always a good idea.

Choose the right Platform(windows,iOs,Android etc)

There are always some limitation and some advantages of each and everthing. So.So before creating an App you should consider them and then finally make your decision which platform to choose(Android or Windows or iOS).The choice will depend on the type of App you are making and the audience that you are targeting

Keep in mind your Competition!

The idea should be unique ,that’s the only thing that will make a difference.But wait don’t make the idea so unique that nobody has ever thought about it and there is no real market for it or people don’t need it at all.So before creating an app examine and analysis your Competitor and try to do better than them.In this way you will be able to get more audience as well.

Keep it Simple

Keep your app simple in design.Try to make it user friendly.An App can be something to help oneself in life,So everyone should be able to understand and use it.!But keep in mind to make it distinguishable from number of apps available in the market.

Reduce the Cost

You should try to make your app in you Budget.If you are not a Professional App Developer then think twice before investing hugh amount in your app.You must consider watching YouTube videos that will aid you in developing a good App.By this you will be able to cut the cost of your app as well.You can always Google up things to increase your efficiency,thus reducing time and money both.