Top 5 Myths about Mobile Payments, NFC Payments and Mobile Wallets

Have you heard the idea of paying for goods & services just by tapping your smartphones?

  •  Are you tired taking care of your credit cards?
  •  Is there any other payment system which is going to take over other payment options in future?

Above mentioned are the common technology questions – which common people think about. If you are still not getting satisfactory answers for your questions you must read this article till the end…!
“Mobile payments are the way to go”. With the recent launch of NFC enabled iPhone 6, Apple has also supported the fact that contactless payment technology is going to take over other payment systems. They call it the ‘Easier way to pay with your touch ID’. Are you ready to accept this change?

Mobile Payments, NFC Payments and Mobile Wallets
  • The concept of paying via mobile has proven to be the fastest mode of payment.  Fast payments have huge effect on customer service.  You can pay your bills just by tapping your smart phones. Yes! One – two – Three and it’s done and don’t get me wrong i am not talking about transactions within seconds actually it’s within micro-seconds.  Fast customer services will directly lead you to the road to success and you’ll be grabbing more customers. Here are list of top 5 leaders in mobile apps that get you paid faster.
  • No matter if you are a small business owner, a college guy or a musician, mobile payment systems are designed for all kind of people. The only thing you need to have is a NFC enable mobile phone – nothing else. If you don’t know either your smart phone is NFC enabled or not you can simply visit the list of NFC enable devices here.
  • Do you like eating burgers? How many times do you visit McDonald’s or Burger King in a month? Would you like the idea of paying for your burger just by tapping your smart phone? Yes! These brands have finally started accepting payment via mobile. I’m impressed aren’t you?
  • Mobile payments are going to top 58 billion dollars by year 2017. Don’t believe me? Check out the report presented by Emarketer then you’ll believe me.
  • There are more than 6 billion smart phones on earth right now and surely the way we pay is changing. We cannot reject the change, eventually we all will have to accept it in one way or another. Dalton had also firmly believed we all were monkey’s way thousands of years back and we have transformed into humans – I actually don’t believe that stuff but some of us do. This story doesn’t fit here let’s talk about mobile payments.

My final words on mobile payments are: “Give it a try man….!”