Turn your Android Phone Into Wireless Computer Mouse.

Now Days Smartphones are advancing to next level very rapidly,virtually they can be used for anything!!They are rapidly expanding and can be used for doing almost each and everything day to day work.Here are some of the daily work that  Smartphones can be used they can be used as Xbox controller,security camera,mobile hot spot,car locator and lots more!!

Turn your Android Phone Into Wireless Computer Mouse.

Even if your computer mouse is not working then also there is no need to buy a new mouse ,you can use your Smartphone to work as a mouse..isn’t brilliant by this you can also save some bucks also! 

WI-FI Mouse for Android Devices:

Andro Mouse AndroMouse lets you to convert your Android phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, media remote, file browser and much more. Communication with your computer is made either using your wireless network or using Bluetooth. AndroMouse features most mouse functionalities including click, doubleclick, drag, scroll and rightclick. You can use your standard Android touch keypad as a wireless keyboard.
In addition, AndroMouse also provides extra features.
Another most popular feature is ‘speak-to-type’. Relax in your couch and search Google or Youtube with your voice. Compose an email with your voice instead of using your keyboard!!

Download : Andro Mouse

For more information Regarding installing and how to set up the connection Click here.