How to Undo a Sent E-Mail in Gmail!

It happens many times that you have not Completed the E-mail but by mistake you clicked on Send button or you sent an E-mail to the wrong person and wishes to undo it . You wished that you can get back that mail again and edit it..isn’t?

So in this post i am going to tell you how you can get or undo the sent email in Gmail.

How to Undo a Sent E-Mail in Gmail ! So is it really possible to undo a sent E-mail?
In Gmail it is Possible!!So today I am going to tell you how you can undo a sent E-mail!

Lets get started :

 1) Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your Gmail window.

2)  Then select settings from the drop down menu.

3) Select Labs from the Row.


4) Scroll Down where you see Undo Send.

5) Scroll down where you see undo send. Click ‘enable.
6) Hit save changes at the bottom.Thats it your are done!!
Next time when you send an email you can see yellow dialogue that displays “Your message has been sent” and also have the option to Undo.
You have 10 seconds to click before the Undo button disappears. Its default settings, but you can adjust that settings up to 30 seconds.
To adjust the time Go to Settings > General > Undo Send and select a cancellation period and hit the save button.


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