Are you among the people who are looking for Redbox Promo Code? Then you are in the right place as I am going to tell you everything you should know about Redbox and available Redbox promo code.

With Redbox promo code you can rent a movie at discounted rates or even at $0 if you are lucky.

What is Redbox?

Redbox is an American company that rent movies and games. They have several rental kiosks outside supermarkets and even local stores. They have more than 42,000 automated retails kiosks in over more than 34,000 locations across the country. Redbox has a variety of movies ranging for DVDs, Blue-Rays and videos games. It also rolls out many promotional codes and coupons. And that’s why we are here to find out about the Redbox promo code.

Also one should be careful using and getting Redbox Promo code as the internet is full of scams and fake websites that promise to generate fake Redbox promo codes and coupons. But beware just don’t fall in this traps.

Why use Redbox?

However, renting a movie or games occasionally can be expensive instead of getting a subscription to Hulu or Netflix. It isn’t like Redbox is too expensive its current rental changes is $1.20/night plus tax, but why also pay for it when you can get them for a discounted price.

What is Redbox Promo Code?

Redbox offers various promos and codes in order to promote their rental kiosks. These codes are more promotion and can be applied during checkout at the Redbox kiosk. You can get heavy discounts or a free movie or game. There are certain codes for first users that acts as a great motivator for them to start renting a movie or a game from Redbox.

How to Redeem a Redbox Promo code?

Since not all the promo codes can be used at Redbox kiosks as there is Redbox online portal which also accepts unique promo codes while renting a movie or games.

Before I tell you Redbox promo code and coupons you can use it is important to know how to redeem these Redbox Promo codes. First, you have to choose a DVD that you want to rent and add it to the cart. Then proceed to checkout screen and touch “Add Promo” or “Rent with a Promo Code” option inorder to enter the Redbox Promo Code. Finally, provide the credit card details and finish the payment.

Redbox Promo Code List


Use this Redbox promo code to get free DVD movie. Or you can get $1 discount off the rent.

  • PUSH

Just text PUSH to 727272 and you will get Redbox promo code that you can use at checkout and get discount.


Enter this code and send to 727272 and you will receive a coupon.

  • PUSH

Text PUSH to 727272 and you will get a coupon for 1 free night rental.


Using this Redbox promo code you can get the second one for free. This code can be used once a week.


This coupon can be used at the nearest McDonald’s Redbox location only. You will get a free rental, however, this code can sometimes work and sometimes not.


This coupon can be used only by a new customer, just text this Redbox promo code to 727272 and you’ll receive a free rental.


This promo code is valid only at nearest Walgreens kiosks only, by entering this code you can get a free rental. However, this code is pretty old so might not work but its worth a try.


Just send MOVIE TIME to 727272 and you can get a free movie per week.

  • H99976F2

Use this code online or in an app and you can rent a movie for a day for free.


This coupon code can be applied at Kroger Store. Alternatively, use DVDATKROGER if the above code doesn’t work.


This Redbox promo code can be used at Wegman’s grocery stores. By using this code you can get a free movie.


Use this code at Walgreen’s Redbox franchises and get a free movie.


Send this code to 727272 and get a free movie rental from Redbox.


Just text this code to 727272 whenever you want to reserve a movie in advance via Redbox App. Just enter this code in the App.


This code can be used at Sonic Redbox location. You can get a free rental by using this code. If this code doesn’t work you can use DVDATSONI.


This code can be used to get a free rental of DVD from kiosks.


Get a free DVD rental using this code.


Use this code to get free DVD rental at any Heb kiosks location.


Just text this code to 727272 and get a free one-day video game for rent.

  • MPW32BK29DB7

This code can be used online or at kiosks or on the Redbox app. Get $1.50 discount off on Blue-ray or game rental.

  • PE8SB36AKT

You can also use this coupon to get $1.50 off on game or blue-ray DVDs. Or you can use KQ5FGWLN this code.


Use this Redbox promo code to get 35% on your order. But this code is only for limited time.

How to get free Redbox Promo code and coupons?

I won’t be telling you any illegal method to get the codes. Just play your card at the right time and you can end up getting the movie or games for almost free. Let start with some basic strategies and will be moving on to more strategies that can help you get discounted Redbox movies or games.

Basic Free Strategy

Before I tell you the basic free strategy to rent a movie for free here are certain rules that you should follow. If you follow this basic rules than you don’t have to pay to rent a movie by Redbox. This is simple and straight-forward assuming that you follow a simple rule which is that you never rent a movie for more than a day. This is actually the golden rule to save you many bucks.

The second rule is to always use a promo code or discount codes to rent a movie. Don’t ever rent a movie without a promo code.

Now the strategy to get free Redbox movie is to Sign-up for Redbox e-mail list. They will occasionally send you promotional codes for a night or at least just a few cents. Or another thing is that you can sign up for their text club and you’ll get promo codes occasionally.

It is important to note that they send a unique code to each email address so you can have multiple emails sign up to their list and enjoy Redbox promo codes using more than once. Also here is an advanced strategy to get even more Redbox rentals.

How to use Redbox Promo Code more than once?

Since Redbox promo code and coupon can only be used only once here is a simple trick you can use to use standard promo codes more than once during your credit or debit payment. If you more than one credit or debit card you can sign up with multiple cards and enjoy using Redbox promo code more than once.

Install Redbox App

Although you can rent a movie or a game via kiosks or their website you can also download Redbox App for both Android and iPhone and enjoy some promo code.

Download on Google Play (For Android Devices)

Download on App Store (For Apple Device)

Online Reservations

You can rent a movie in advance and get Redbox promo codes. All you need to do is just pay for your first movie and here is how you can make an online reservation to get Redbox promo code:

  • Sign up for an account to Register at Redbox.
  • Now, book the first rental movie of your choice by visiting their website.
  • Once the reservation for a movie or a game is done just go to your nearest Redbox kiosks and pick up your reserved movie.
  • When you return the movie the company will send you promo codes to make sure that you rent a movie again. Or they will give you some credits that you can use to get another movie.

Get Promo Codes from Local Stores

Do you know that you can get Redbox promo code and deals from your local stores? Just ask for the free codes and if you are lucky enough you can end up getting the Redbox promo code.

So next time you visit any store don’t forget to ask them about the Redbox promo code and ongoing offers. Or sometimes you can find the Redbox deals and coupons at the back of receipt and signs as well. Just try your luck!

From Code Sharing Websites

There are so many websites that offer free coupon codes and discounts. Just try giving a chance to those websites. Also, you can sign up for code sharing communities online and start getting Redbox Promo Code and discount. You can follow the Redbox promo code community on Reddit as well.

And if you got the same coupon more than once then you can use that coupon multiple tiles as mentioned above.

From Social Media

Another way to get Free Redbox Promo Code is to start following Redbox Official Facebook page. You can find exclusive promo codes, contests, and giveaways on their page. Don’t forget to turn on the notification for the page and be the first one to get those deals and coupons as those deals are for a limited period.

If you got any other Redbox promo code that worked for you then do share with us by commenting below and I will add it in my list.


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