Internet Safety For Children: Prevent Issues Kids Faces in the Cyber World

Internet Safety For Children

As parents, there are some things we need to be aware of when our kids inevitably begin to enter the “digital world.” The Internet is a vast, intangible network of worldwide users who share all types of content. Although most information is designed to be educational, social media, video gaming, and other online actions could … Read more

How to Be Safe Online on Internet with simple rules and tips

how to be safe online

The 200 gigabytes of data Sony Pictures lost to hackers in 2014 cost Amy Pascal her co-chairmanship in the company. The devastating cyber-attack leaked Pascal’s emails from the company’s servers onto the Internet where she had criticized stars like Angelina Jolie and acrimoniously made fun of President Obama. Her private emails caused her a major … Read more

Security Challenges of Digital Transformation and their Mitigations

How To Make Website Secure

Cybersecurity and privacy are the biggest issues that IT Heads have to deal with because as technology is progressing at a rapid pace, it is becoming difficult to keep pace with the digital transformation. Companies are increasingly spending more and more to ensure that the websites and other web assets they use for business remain … Read more