7 things you must know about Windows 10!

Windows 10 is the upcoming Microsoft OS.It will be the whole new next generation Windows.

They are working on it and expects to get in the market by end of 2015. Here are some of the most often and common answers to  questions that you may be interested in knowing about Windows 10:

WIndows 10

When and how can I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Well the answer is NOW.Microsoft have released the technical preview of Windows 10 on october 1 ,2014 and expects to release the OS before end of 2015.TO Download the technical Preview Of Windows 10 Click Here.

Why Windows 10?Where is Windows 9?

Many developers have asked the OS to identify itself without correctly parsing the full information. According to sources ‘Windows 9’ was used to identify Windows 95/98/98SE and will not work as a valid way of getting the OS version.Windows 10 is the only solution..

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Will it run on desktop as well as on tablets?

The best of these 7 points is the ‘one OS for all platforms’ capability ,Windows 10 will run on PC’s as well as on tablets.

What about Apps?

WIndows 10 switch

It’s not still clear whether you’ill be able to buy one app from Windows Store and expect to run on all the devices. Developers will need to make universal apps so that they can run on both platforms well enough..!

Start menu will be back?

WIndows 10 start menu

If you hated Windows 8’s full Screen Start ,then it will be good for you as Old days have returned..They have returned Start menu in new tiles customized way..

Any development to the interface?

WIndows 10 interface
Of course,they have improved user interface and finally there’s also support for multiple desktop, You can quickly switch your favorite site www.techtechnik.com(*cough*) and your work apps in one place while your boss walkaway.

Will Windows 10 run on my PC as well?

 It’s still too early to say as windows 8.1 have introduce 64-bit computing requirement.They have ruled out some ancient processor.You can check out all the information by visiting Windows Insider Program.

NOTE:Before installing Technical Preview READ it first:

Just wanted to share one more information that if you want to install Windows 10 technical preview than you must not install Windows 10 on your main pc or laptop.Since it looks like Microsoft has installed keylogger (It will pick up everything you enter on the platform) to track activity of the users.The keylogger is not meant to collect your personal information but is to evaluate how the operating system performs..
Microsoft warns you about it before installing it …!!
There is also one more to tell that it can be buggy,since it is not yet complete..!!

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