Acer Iconia The Slim and Sharp Tablet

The Acer Iconia Tab 8 has stylish aluminum back, slim build, microSD card slot and micro-HDMI port. It has smooth performance while switching between apps. It has design edge for the budget slates but tablets which can perform faster are available in same price range. It is sluggish to load games but is one of the best options available at this price range. It is a true delight for customers wanting to buy a tablet without spending too much.

acer iconia the slim tablet
Normally the budget tablets are recognized for their limited features and bargain prices and not for their designs. The Acer Iconia Tab 8 is a snazzy and slim slate with a pricey cost but can be got at a discount if you use Flipkart coupon codes. This fashionable 8 inch tablet has Micro HDMI port which is rare on tablets these days and resolution display of 1920×1200 pixels, which is higher compared to most budget tabs. It has expandable storage option to load your media on it. This makes it less cloud- centric option but its HD connection and mode design are not very impressive.
The Iconia Tab 8 has expected limitations. Though its cost is competitive, by paying little extra and using Amazon discount coupons, you can get models with better performance, sharper screen and better gaming capabilities. Dell Venue 8 is comparable in terms of performance and cost. Nexus 7 has better specs in same price range.


The Iconia Tab 8 has aluminum back panel curving to white bezels on front of tablet. It has smooth texture and rounded corners make it comfortable to hold. Though little heavier but can be held for longer time. It has sleek design but the construction is not solid like premium tablets.

Fully loaded top edge has Micro-HDMI port:

Top edge has micro-USB port, Micro-HDMI port and headphone jack. Iconia Tab 8 stands out because of HD connection that is rare in tablet. There is flapless microSD card slot expandable to 32GB and volume and power buttons are on the right.


It comes preloaded with software and runs on Android 4.2.2 and has own apps, cloud service, Zinio and Wild Tangent Games App store. It has Touch Wakeup function that allows you to awaken and also unlock tablet.


Acer’s higher resolution makes it better than other tablets. Colors appear true to life and HD content is sharp. Screen lacks ambient light sensor to get automatic adjustments but indoor viewing is fine. Display is not excellent but is good for low-end rank. Because of 2GB memory the swift ability is good. Web can be browsed smoothly when many apps were open at background. It has better gaming benchmark than Dell Venue 8 but Venue had better graphics. Samsung’s latest 8 inch tablet also did not perform equally well. Acer has slow loading and there is performance problem with apps and large games. Tablet is best for surfing the web or the casual gaming instead of editing documents or heavy gaming. Audio quality from rear speaker is weak. There is 5-megapixel camera on rear side of tablet which produces in-focus photos. At full resolution, the photo quality is not detailed but camera is fine at automatically adjusting exposure and the color balance.

Low Price Good Features:

If you look at the prices of the high end tablets, you would find most unaffordable. However Acer has captured this essence and positioned the Iconia 8 at a very reasonable price, but has loaded most of the features a customer looks at. It is a bargain tablet and is better than most of the tablets priced at this range. Obviously it cannot compete with an iPad priced much higher, but at this price you are getting the best possible with Iconia 8. If you are ready to spend some more then Dell Venue 8 or Nexus 7 are good options to consider.

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