Reasons behind the Rejection of Apps on Apple Store [Infographic]

Apple is definitely a grand platform where each app developer would require getting renowned. There are some causes behind the refusal of apps on apple store. Let’s see what they are.

The ground-breaking insight of Apple is highly praised globally, and is known for its individuality and adeptness. 2015 was very much an irresistible year for the developers as Apple ended the year by rejecting more than millions of applications from app store.

The refusal has been confronted by many developers, and will be confronted in future if couple of steps won’t be well thought-out. The most worrying conditions for each application developer are to get his app confirmed by the existing principles and states of Apple. Here are few reasons which can even haul any application into the categorization of being rejected. Take a look.

  • Inappropriate Usage of Buttons and Icons

There are many UI concerns which can get your app discarded. Make a point to use a standard UI Button Bar System Item alongside constancy in usefulness and look of buttons and icons.

  • Long Response Time

In IOS the most tremendous time for the application startup is 15 seconds, however in case of slow hardware link and system it may need major time to process. So, it is suggested to not depend completely on the IOS simulator, continually check your application at first in the authentic hardware. The running time of your application is your primary chance to motivate the users for your app. All the operating systems support a most extreme application run time, and if the application doesn’t work within that given time, the operating system kills it.

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Here with this infographic, created by Hot Bargain Phones, we are sharing the reasons behind rejection of apple apps.

apple app rejection reasons infographic