Best Free Sports Streaming Sites that you can use in 2020

If you are looking for the best free sports streaming sites to watch your favorite sports then you are in the right place. You can stream your favorite sports anytime and anywhere at your convenience. Free sports streaming websites are the one which allows the user to stream live sports for free so that you don’t miss an update.

You can either use your mobile phone or desktop to stream hundreds of live sports games as these websites work well on both platforms. It could be really frustrating finding the right website to stream sports channels when the game is on. So you can bookmark this page and visit it anytime when you want to watch your favorite game for free and in good quality.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Did I tell you that these websites stream in High Definition (HD) as well? Well if not then please note this as well. You just need a fast internet connection and popcorns to watch your favorite game at home now.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020


It is one of the most popular and of course the best free sports streaming site. You don’t have to register or signup, everything here is free. This website provided live streaming of almost every game whether soccer, football, tennis, wrestling, cricket or golf. You name it and you can watch it. The best feature of this website is that you can watch all the featured live sports on its homepage only.

The content is available in HD so get your fast internet setup before the big game. You can also download the content and watch it later. This website also offeres multiple mirro links for each live stream so that if one goes down you will still have another link to explore.

2. FromHots

This is another website to watch free sports streaming. This website also offers a clean and responsive user interface with a good quality of streaming. You can stream a number of sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and many more. All you have to do is go to the website and choose the sports to stream and it will start streaming in a couple of minutes.

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3. WatchESPN

Another official app and website by ESPN. You can stream basketball and football for free. The quality of streaming is also remarkable. If we will talk about the user interface it is really smooth and friendly. You can also download its official app which is for iOS and Android users.

4. VIPLeague

If you are thinking that it’s free for only VIP people who have paid for this website then you are wrong. this website is free for everyone and offers excellent service. However, this website is blocked by some ISPs in some countries but you can bypass that using a VPN or proxies. One of the cool features of this app is that you can change the theme of the website according to you and if you don’t like the interface you can change it too. Just like other sports streaming websites this also offers the same services and many options to stream sports for free.

5. Laola1

It offers to the streaming of sports games just like other websites and has an option to stream in HD quality as well. The name of the website is for sure a bit weird but does an excellent job stream sports for free. This website also provides information about the games happening around the world. The website has a good user interface as well.

6. Fubo TV

With so many sections and categories, this is an excellent website to stream sports for free. You can replay past games and also watch live games. This will be an excellent alternative if none of the websites is working. This website also has a huge collection of best free sports streaming sites like other websites. Navigation on this website is really easy and the structure of this website is easy to understand as well. The only drawback of this website is that it is not available in every country so you have to use VPN.

7. LiveSports24

With its huge database, this website is another popular website to stream live sports. This website has almost every sport that it streams for free. From rugby, soccer, ice hockey, horse racing to anything. Another cool feature of this website is that you can chat with other users while watching your favorite live sports and discuss it with them. I think because of this feature this website is popular among other people as well.

8. StreamSports

This website is popular among soccer fans as it offers free streaming of fifa games. Although it allows us to stream other sports as well just like other websites. They also offer highlights and replay options for every sport. This is another excellent website to add to the collection of best free sports streaming sites.

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9. Sportslemon

Sportslemon have a massive database and streams almost every game for free. It also provides multiple links so that if one link is broken then you can use another link to watch your favorite sport live. Navigation through this website is easy and simple.

10. LiveTV.SX

Another great website to check out live streaming of your favorite sport. This website gives you full details for all the upcoming matches and will let you stream them for free as well. It covers large categories of sports so that no one has to go anywhere else to watch their favorite sports. The only drawback of this website is that you need to register yourself which is free and after that you can gain full access to the website.

11. FirstRowSports

This website gives an option to watch any sport live for free as well. You can watch a number of sports for free. The only drawback of this website is that whenever you click on the website an ad popup can be quoted irritating sometimes but the revenue of the website is dependent on these ads. You can stream high-quality content on this website for free.

Now there are some chances that none of the websites provides what you are looking for. So here I am providing you some of the websites where you can stream any sports but these websites are not free. You can pay a small amount to get the benefits from these websites.

1.Now TV

It offers no lock-in contract subscription to it’s users and is one of the best service providers for live streaming of sports in Italy, UK and Ireland. It also has a free channel service if you buy one if their plans. I think the subscription is for £9.99 and has a 14 days free trial. You can watch a premier league, cricket, rugby and many more. There are around 10 sports channels and can support up to 60+ devices including your SmartTV or Gaming Consoles. This website offers a really good quality of streaming as well.


This is one of the mega-giant in the sports streaming service. By subscribing to ESPN you’re eligible to watch other live events as well. This also has an app that has a really good user interface and offers high-quality streaming. If you don’t have a good internet speed as well then also you can stream your favorite sports on low quality. You will be able to stream NFL, premier league, cricket, wrestling and a lot more of sports that you can think of.

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3. Fubo TV

This streaming website focusing on streaming some sports only like NFL, NBA, MLS and international soccer. The site also it’s users to watch news channels, television series and movies. The plans are cheap as well, it will cost you around $20 per month for the basic plan which includes added features and channels. This streaming provider offers a free 7-day trial as well that you can cancel anytime you want.

4. Hulu

The streaming service was started in 2017 as before that Hulu used to host series, movies and some informational programs. The service provided by Hulu is really good. You can watch channels like ESPN, FS1, and some regional channels as well. There is an option to prevent ads from displaying by paying some extra money. The Hulu TV pricing starts at $8.99. I will say that this subscription is must buy if you want to really stream good quality live sports.

5. BeIn Sports

It is the most powerful sports streaming platform where you can watch popular games and read news, highlights, and scores as well. You will have an option for English and Spanish language. Although you have a great collection of sports which you can stream live. BeIN is a streaming service provided by beIN sports

6. Sling TV

It is yet another inexpensive sports streaming service available in the market. There are several packages that you can buy starting from $20. Depending on the type of package you buy you can watch a number of channels. For example, Sling Orange package offers 31 channels, and Blue consists of 45 channels. It also has a wide collection of games.

7. B/R Live

Bleacher Report Live offers a wide number of games that you can stream for free. You can watch UEFA, NBA, Europa league and many more. It also has a free version that shows ads in between the streaming. But if you’re going to go with the paid version you can experience ad-free streaming. This service is fairly new as compared to other websites.

I have listed a number of free and paid websites that you can use to stream live sports. However, some of the websites are country-based and won’t allow you to stream unless you have got a VPN. So, I would recommend using the Hola VPN which you can buy for a lifetime for as low as $717 $38.99 for the best free sports streaming websites.