11 Best Twitter App Alternative for Android and iOS Users

Twitter was created on March 2006 and was launched in July. The app gained rapid popularity around the world soon after its launch. It is a social networking and an online news service that are shared by the users of the app. The users can send and read posts that are within 140 characters and these messages are called the tweets. The people those who have registered with the online service can read and also post the tweets, but people who have not registered under the service can only read the tweets.

The users can access the social networking service the through mobile device app, web interface or through SMS. According to a report released in 2012, in a day the users posted three hundred and forty million tweets and it had more than one hundred million users. The survey also released that this is the most visited site on the internet. As of 2016, the social networking site had three hundred and ten million users.

Best Twitter App that Android and iOS usersWith the use of the mobile technology, many companies and services wanted to have their mobile presence so as to get closer to the users and increase their user base. Many people interact with the social networking service through their mobile device by using one of the native mobile apps for their Windows, Apple or Android device. However, there are several other third-party apps available on the market those provides the users with different features and layouts.

If the user is not satisfied with the interface of Twitter, they can immediately change to the native apps. There are many alternative interfaces offered that the user might consider in managing the social networking app (11 Best Twitter App alternative listed below).


This is the official application of the social networking service but is the least bloated option for the users. It satisfies the user’s needs and it also supports all the other native features like Twitter Moments and it has a clean design that is easy to use and is the best option for the users who wish to access the native features of the app.

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This is one of the most popular interfaces for Twitter (one of the best twitter app) and is the original alternative to Twitter in the Play Store; the app is frequently updated for the past few years and is a part of the long list available in the recent times. Using this app, the users can post on Facebook, checkout the status, mute posts, manage multiple accounts and add photo effects to the contents shared in the post. The paid version of the app removes the advertisements. Well, here is a method by which you can Download Paid Apps for Free! Do check it out!


This is a new app interface with different premises and is not a Twitter app, but this a type of app and is called the wrapper. The difference is that this app allows the user to open the Twitter mobile app and access the site, but without opening the browser. By using the Tinfoil, the user gets the experience of an app without permitting the mobile app. This is best applicable for the users who do not like permitting the apps, but since it is a mobile site the performance might be slower than the dedicated apps.


This is a new version of the social networking app that is simple, secure and lightweight. It has the similar feature to expand the characters through t.co and uses a new feature Material Design that looks good. This is an open source and free app that has several security features that are available in the Twitter app. The app has the customization options and many configuration features that help the users to customize the app according to their desire.


One of the first Twitter apps for the Android users for a very long, long time in the market is Plume and is frequently updated. The app now sports the user interface based on the Material Design that makes it look splendid. The pro version of the app works similar to the free version of the app, and the difference is that it comes without the advertisements. If you are an app developer then here are some App Monetization Strategies that you want to implement in your App. The other features of the app include integration with Facebook, multiple account support, bit.ly support for shorter URLs and customization option.

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The developers of the Plume are the ones who designed this app, so people who have used Plume can identify the difference between the two apps and use the app that is required by them. Unlike the other apps, the integration with Facebook is very deep, so that the users can post on the social media through this app. Apart from this; the app also has other third party features like live view, conversation view, account support, post muting and other features. It also has quirky features like shake to refresh, and it is fun to use all these features in the app.


This is the first app to fully embrace the material design in it is an interface and became popular among the users. It is considered as one of the best Twitter app available in the market right now and it has no free version of the app, so the users must make sure they test the app within the refund period. The app has an effective user interface, night mode, native Vine and YouTube player, Android wear support and support for two accounts.


This is the new Twitter app in the market with gorgeous features and fantastic Material Design. The users can swipe between the categories, conversation, and the mute users and they can access the themes that come in three different colors, the dark, true and light shades of black. The app has the basic features like the real time updates and multi-account support that proves the users to latest updates each time when they open the app. It is also very expensive, but great app worth every penny.

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This is the original app that tracks the activities of multiple social media networks, so the users can use this app as the central hub and access various social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other accounts. The users can post to multiple social networks at the same time and receive notifications from Twitter and Facebook. In the initial period, it would be difficult to access the app but can learn in a due course and it is most suitable for the business users.


The trademark of the app is the dark theme look and is a well-established app with unique features. It has many features like swipe between the categories, browsing and quick access, multi-account support, support for gifs, images and videos and a do not disturb mode that allows the user to stay away from the feeds. This version of the app is also free for the users.


This is the fully supported Twitter app that is exclusively designed for the iOS users and has full control over the search, tweet, view and saves feature of the app. The users can use the hashtag, mute, keyword and source the tweets. The syncs with the timeline across all the iOS devices and the users can select the items and read it later. This version of the app is not free and is more expensive than the other average apps in the market and is also the most rated and popular apps.

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