Cash your Creativity Online in just 3 Simple ways

Many people hunt for jobs frantically, ignoring their inborn talents and getting disappointed after every rejection. They forget how the entire world has gone online and they too can actually make real money by cashing their skills. Unemployment is a curse and one should not let the impact of its negativity effect talents and skills in any sense. Take for example an artist looking for some opportunity to exhibit his paintings and master pieces but just because it is the start of his career he is unable to finance the appearance of his work in a reputable art gallery. Thinking this is the end of his career; he loses all hopes and doubts his abilities. This shall of course not become the future of one’s career. This article will directly focus on what really should be the next step in such circumstances and how one can make money online keeping in mind the excessive competition existing in the market.

Cash Creativity Online

There are just three simple ways that will for sure gain a person enormous appreciation for his/her unique talents and will of course open up new doors to opportunities. The very first step involves:

Making your own website:

If you want to showcase your skills on an online forum, no option can be better than a website. Making a website is definitely not an out of the world task (as many assume), in fact, word press makes it simpler. Other platforms Like HTML and CSS are a little trickier; hence, word press allows a creation of a website possible for a layman also. For those who think it needs some investment, so yes you need to invest 0.000 USD – it is totally free! Being an extremely Beginner friendly platform you can easily add your own content (images, text and links). The website created using word press will be mobile and tablet friendly and if in case you need any help or guidance, the huge community will be all help. Once you are finished with your website, you can easily add up all your creative works and sort them into categories. You shall keep in mind that e-commerce ventures will be a little time consuming but worthwhile at the end. All products shall be updated on regular basis and prices shall be mentioned. For example, you wish to sell your hand made stuff (frames, pottery, clothes, paintings etc) through your website , you will have to mention the price and also a  brief description that explains your work well enough. Make sure you identify how your product is unique and what value will it offer to buyers. It is essential that you cater to the need of your buyers as a mere exaggeration of your stuff will not compel them to make a purchase.

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Linking up:

Well, if you do not have an idea about Search engine optimization (SEO) you shall Google it and you will find abundant information on the topic. It is not necessary that you hire a SEO specialist as you can promote your own website via different methods. First of all you need to make your profile on social media platforms. Using this forum you can always generate traffic on your website. For example, whatever content you have uploaded on your website, you can share a direct link to your social media pages (Facebook, twitter and Instagram). Make sure that you make an effective use of the keywords that relate to direct competition. For example, you can use any free keyword search tool and use low competition keywords with high search volumes. This will make your content more SEO friendly and ranking of keywords will be much easier. Also, you can reach to your direct target market with the help of social media seeking the help of “Boost your post” feature. But that again involves some investment so the best method is to work a little more and save some cash. The best way to ensure a large fan following is: posting on the regular basis, engaging in discussions, offering few gifts initially (marketing strategy) and posting testimonials on these platforms regarding users experiences of your products. This will increase your credibility and will attract more prospective buyers. Earning credibility in online business is very important, once people put their faith in your service they will be reluctant to switch to any other competitor.

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Keep a check:

Many people have excellent ideas regarding their products and services but they will never execute for fear of loss and failure. When you are working online you shall keep in mind that chances for loss are not that high as there are no overhead costs involved. You can easily execute your ideas and see the response of your customers if people are not responding much you can revise the idea and present in a different manner. It is also important that you keep a close check on your competitors , if they are providing additional benefits you will have to upgrade your offerings too. If you are selling your own creativity online, for example, your paintings or sculptures you can show people video tutorials (fast motion) and make them feel awed at your efforts. Make sure you take messages from your buyers and fans seriously. If they are providing any suggestions for improvisation you shall consider their request- who knows it could turn out to be more than successful. You will have to hunt down for your competitors as the marketplace has a lot of direct and indirect ones offering substitutes and alternatives of your product. Just keep in mind that you have to offer the best to your crowd and they will follow you back loyally.

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Wrapping it up, only you know your best potential. But having pools of talent is just not the only required thing to succeed, one should know how to make profits utilizing skills most efficiently and that could only be done if you target the right market using the most effective marketing mediums.