An honest review of Cheap SSL Shop- Trusted SSL Certificate Provider

This post gives you honest and straightforward review as to why choose Cheap SSL Shop for your SSL needs as buying a SSL certificate for securing the online connection of website is one of the best decisions you can take as a website owner. Now comes the tricky part. There are several numbers of online shops from where you can buy a SSL certificate as per your security needs. Each shop offers a different price, a diverse range of SSL certificates of different trusted Certificate Authorities and even additional features. So, finding SSL certificate for your site can make you confused about which one to go to it.

Cheap SSL shop

Cheap SSL Shop is an authorized reseller of leading Certificate Authorities (CAs) or brands registered on the CA/Browser Forum. One among the popular choices from where a wide-range of SSL certificates available at best price. You can find & compare different types of SSL including Domain Validation, Organization validation, Extended Validation, Wildcard SSL, Multi-Domain SSL, Code Signing certificate at the single online shop.

Cheap SSL Shop has an impressive lineup of positive points that quickly makes it an ideal location to buy or renew SSL certificate. Check them out.

Cheap SSL Shop means Lighting-fast Enrollment

The enrollment process is the first step you need to complete to transact with the shop. In our experience, the process was relatively simple and straightforward, without any hassles. There are three steps to the enrollment. There is a prominently displayed ‘Login/Sign up’ button. You can sign up as a New user using an email address or log in using your credentials on the same page. You can also generate support Ticket to get the online assistance of any SSL installation related query.

A minimalist login page greets registered users

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes”]Sign Up Now[/su_button]

New users are asked to provide a variety of information including their name, address, Company name, Tax registration number, address, contact number, etc. which would be used at the time of registration as a new user.

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The new user registration page is asking for a long list of billing information.

Clients can also login to the page using the form on the right side. If you have added an SSL certificate to the cart, it is displayed just beneath in the ‘My Cart’ section.

Currently, there is no option to sign in using social credentials like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. which is a good thing, since it ensures better control of the account for enterprises.

Cheap SSL shop have a wide range of certificates

We found Cheap SSL Shop to offer SSL certificates of 6 major brands, namely, Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign, and Symantec. The product lineup available at best price to meet the SSL certificate requirements for all possible businesses sizes and types. In fact, we even found 30 Days free trial SSL certificates from RapidSSL and GeoTrust. Beginners can opt for this to get the hang of how to install & configure SSL on the website.


Types of SSL certificate in offer include:

  • Wildcard SSL certificates
  • UCC/SAN SSL certificates
  • EV SSL certificates
  • Domain Validation SSL certificates
  • Organization Validation SSL certificates
  • Code Signing Certificate
  • SGC SSL certificates

Cheap SSL shop offers Money-back guarantee

Well, in the online security business, things do go wrong sometimes. After all, hackers are becoming super-intelligent at cracking every possible security feature. In such a case, if you have bought an SSL certificate from Cheap SSL Shop, you are in for luck. They provide a 100% money back guarantee which you can use if you are unsatisfied with any of their products or services. Cheap SSL Shop promises the refund to happen within 30 days, which is a market standard.

Cheap SSL shop gives Discounts & offers

There is a whole section for deals! We were thoroughly impressed by the ongoing deals that were raining discounts and promos on SSL certificates from Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign among many others. SSL discount coupons or promo codes assist us to get additional upto 55% discount on regular price of SSL certificates.

These promo codes will ensure that your IT budget does not turn red after buying an SSL certificate. You can establish HTTPS connection to your website without worrying about cost overruns. And, they also offer lowest price guarantee in which they give additional 5% discount compared to advertiser price.

Cheap SSL shop have Highest encryption

Usually, SSL certificate provides 256-bit encryption. Cheap SSL certificates boast of the highest encryption, which is 2048-bit. That said, your website security is in safe hands. It is the best-in-segment to secure all kinds of online transactions including banking, eCommerce, subscription among many others.

Cheap SSL shop gives Unlimited Reissues

Every website owner has come across the trouble of having to change their SSL certificate or obtain a re-issuance. This could happen when you misplace your certificate key or change your domain name when a business changes. Some SSL certificate providers charge a bomb to reissue the certificates to keep your website security. Cheap SSL Shop provides unlimited reissues without charging a single penny.

Cheap SSL shop got anytime support

Despite its low priced certificates, Cheap SSL shop does an excellent job of providing world-class support at all times. They are reachable on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Blogger) as well as through Live Chat. A ticketing system is also available for submitting grievances.

With all the good, comes with a pinch of badness, or rather a single shortcoming. Cheap SSL Shop is only a reseller. We cannot call this is a shortcoming as such. But, compared to SSL certificate providers who directly issue and sign certificates, Cheap SSL Shop is more of an intermediary who sells the SSL certificate. It acts as a central hub from where you can find same SSL certificates of different brands with special discount offers.

Final Verdict

Cheap SSL shop offers a wide range of SSL certificates at low prices with great features. Their deals corner help saves a money on the purchase of SSL Certificate online. If you run into trouble, don’t worry, there is always customer support that you can rely at any time on to set things right. And, there is the money back guarantee top which gives much comfort for buyers.

Take the free trial certificates to know what fits you the best. Once you know what kind of document you need, you can buy them instantly. Cheap SSL Certificate promises a five-minute processing span, which we feel is a segment-best in the industry. With unlimited reissues, you never have to worry about compromising on security even when you change your domain name.

To bring it all together, Cheap SSL shop is the one-stop destination from where you can get all your SSL Certificate needs taken care of.