Best Gaming Hardware on Budget for building an Affordable Gaming PC

Every new release of a new game requires some rig upgrade. If gamers don’t embrace them, they won’t be able to retain the gaming quality. When you see that your machine can’t run the newest games, the holiday season is the perfect time to buy an affordable gaming PC or hardware components for the near gaming future.Affordable Gaming PCHere’s an overview of the most practical ways to spot and make use of Affordable Gaming PC & Hardware deals.

Sound Greats in Audio-Sphere

There’s no great gaming without proper audio equipment. The basics of sophisticated sound are powerful speakers. If your budget is running low, go for one of the two following systems.

  • Logitech Z506 Surround Speaker System – A great value for the price, these cutting-edge speakers will give you extraordinary gaming experience. The 5.1 system and the subwoofer provide deep, rich sound. The system is can be connected to different gadgets, TV-sets, PCs, and gaming consoles. It’s sold from $69.99, but you might find more affordable deals at the peak of this shopping season.
  • Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers – A set of two standalone omnidirectional speakers. Although small-sized and without a special subwoofer, they emit crystal-clear sound. Since they’re multi-directional, they’re a perfect affordable choice for smaller gaming spaces.
  • Bose SoundSport Wireless earphones – Sometimes you’ll have to reduce the sound from your video game or completely eliminate it. This is even more probable during winter holidays when relatives and friends visit you. Therefore, go for Bose SoundSport Wireless earphones. This in-ear pair of sound perks fits ergonomically into ears. Also, they’re made of sweat-resistant material. Apart from that, they can come in handy for sports sessions, as well, since they’re wireless.
  • Audio Technica headphones – If you don’t like earphones, you can for one of the affordable Audio Technica headphones. For instance, the ATH-AX1iSGY model ensures fair sound at a reasonable price (less than $50). The earcups on this model will serve as great sound cushions that provide great gaming experience. Moreover, they can be folded, so that the headphones take less storage space when packed.
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Controlling Peripherals

If you want to indulge yourself in smooth, contemporary gaming, you have to get the best computer peripherals. These include a keyboard, a mouse and a gamepad (for sports games). We’ve chosen one of each kind for a reasonable budget.

  • Thermaltake Gaming Keyboard– The dimmer for the backlight in three colors, the separate media keys, and 9 special customizable keys are the greatest perks of this keyboard. Also, if necessary, you can reorganize all the keys on it and adapt it to your needs. It’s not the most responsive keyboard on the market, but still one of the best options under $30.
  • E-Blue Cobra Mouse– A great inexpensive wireless mouse for avid gamers. What’s most important for games, it comes with an adjustable DPI function. Also, its Avago optical technology ensures smooth navigation. The E-Blue Cobra Mouse can be found for as little as $20.
  • Logitech Gamepads – The classic F310 model costs less than $30. And if you do some research, you can find an even more inexpensive offer these days. With this gamepad, you get guaranteed duration and smooth installation. In addition to this one, if you can save 15-ish dollars more before the date of purchase, you could go for the F710 model, as well. It’s a wireless gamepad and has a dual-vibration system.
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In addition to these, bear in mind that sometimes you’ll need to transfer a game folder to another computer. This is why you should add a cheap USB flash drive to your gaming equipment. That way, you’ll be able to play the same game on different computers without spending a lot of money.

Fresh look at the visuals

Upgrading your existing computer configuration before the forthcoming holidays wouldn’t be complete if you left out the visual components. Now is the time to acquire a modern graphics card or an innovative visual device, such as a VR-headset.

  • Asus RX 470 Graphics– Priced less than $350, this card is one of the best options in this price range. It comes with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. What’s more, this card runs cooler and quieter since it consumes less power than comparable AMD or NVidia hardware.
  • Mobile VR-headsets – To avoid rushing into buying an expensive VR-headset for your PC, start with a VR-device for your smartphone. The best value for money for Apple and Android users are View-Master DLX VR and Google Daydream View, respectively. You can try games offered by your OS and the related online store. If you like it, start saving for the next Christmas season and the real VR stuff.

Hard Copy Games

Although today many people buy and play video games on online gaming platforms, hardcore gamers like getting a physical copy of their favorite video games. The difference between the digital version of a game and its tangible edition can be compared to that of digital music and records. Enthusiasts will always go for the classic option.

  • Civilization VI – 2K Games brings a new part of the famous Civilization series. It’s an inexpensive way to participate in historical events and plays an important role in shaping the world. Unlike many modern games, this one doesn’t have demanding system requirements, so you can play it with moderately new equipment.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt– Released in 2015, it’s is an affordable option for this gaming season. Set in an open world of magic, this new sequel brings the most amazing version of Geralt of Rivia. You’ll enjoy the complexity of the characters and the beautiful scenery, which make it a perfect choice for winter gaming sessions.
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In addition to these two remarkable video games, you can have a great time with some old school games, as well. For instance, you can remember (online) what it looked like playing Pac-Man, Atari Breakout or other similar games. They will definitely bring back some old gaming memories and remind you how much we loved those simple games.

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The winter season is the best time for all kinds of purchases. Vendors launch discount campaigns to increase their sales and clean their warehouses for the new business season.So, gamers should make detailed plans for their computer hardware, set their budget and upgrade their current configurations this winter with some handy equipment.

If you have any other suggestion for building an affordable gaming PC, then do share with us by commenting below!