Dumping Windows For Mac

Techies witnessing a steady drop in PC sales every year ,while those of Apple computer are rising Are you ready for it?
Look around in any WIFI zone and you’ill find people bunched over laptops a glow with Apple logo.Their numbers seem to be glowing by leaps and bounds,and you wonder-should you make the switch ? Is it time to let go of your trusted windows machine and jump onto the Mac bandwagon?Will you get all the software and worse,will it cost you the earth?

Dumping Windows For Mac

Let us look at some arguments that favor the Mac,and some reasons why an Apple hailstorm may be a distant event.

Ready from the word Go:

Unlike a windows machine ,apple computer are updated with the latest software right out of the box.Power it up and you are ready to work.There is no need to click on “update your software” and twiddle your thumbs .Basic software’s such as browser.mail client,photo managing software and suite of official tools come preinstalled and free with the machine.

Free Updates:

Still using a Windows XP machine despite a deluge of warning that supports has expired?Unsure if machine will support Windows 7 or 8(which don’t come free)?These are the issues that do not come on Apple Macs. The latest operating system is designed to run on machines as old as 7 years without compromising with efficiency.And software update free.

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Continuity is one of the major upgrade of Yosemit,the latest Mac software.You can even answer you phone calls from your devices without having to rummage through your backpack for your phone.However,this feature is available only on the latest generation machines.machines. Moreover ,Continuity also works for regular short messages(SMS),apart from apples’s iMessage.


If your gadgets are apple devices ,you could browse website on your Macbook,and the continue where you left off,on you iPhone or iPad;this is not just true for webpages but also for documents.It’s not very tech-heavy:when you leave your Mac,your phone will show you an icon that lets you continue.This may not work on an Android phone ,sadly.

Instant Hotspot:

With Yosemite on your Mac and your iPhone besides it,you don’t have to worry about manually activating the hotspot. Your iPhone automatically shows up in the networks list,and lets the Mac switch on the hotspot ,showing both signal strength and your phone battery life.When you stop browsing,the hotspot automatically deactivates ,preserving battery.

Virus?What’s that?:

In the world of Windows the anti-virus software is the Getafix without whom a little Gaulish village is doomed.The world of Apple ,however is still relatively clean,though a virus or two have started to surface here.But relatively the environment is sanitized.

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Great Hardware:

The aluminium body,the magnet -connected charger,the glowing Apple symbol-the Mac combines functionality with good looks.This article is written on a 4-year old machine that still gives a four hour battery life compared to the six hours when it was new.

A window to windows:

If windows runs in your system ,and you are not able to reboot the way you think,Mac lets you do that too,but you can have both software on your Apple machine and switch seamlessly.The close integration of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 for apple iPhone and iPad lets you share screens across devices with friends and family ,send them sound bites,and even send attachments as large as 5 GB using Mail Drop.

However when it comes to making a switch,there are other consideration apart from how good a machine looks and feels to operate.
Cost for instance ,is a major factor.On an apple to apple basis ,Apples’s more costlier than windows The next question is of add-on software,The perception that software made for Apple is much costlier is more or less a myth.
A third important consideration is technical support.The friendly neighborhood cannot entertain Mac complaint.Large corporation s shy away from going in for wholesale deployment for Macs due to high cost of training support staff.However as the global trend continues,it is likely that this situation will improve in years to come.

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