How to Earn Loyalty for Your Mobile Apps User’s

Based on 2012 data from Nielsen, there is an average of 41 apps installed on a smartphone user’s device.

This was a marked increase compared to 2012, when the average user had around 32 apps installed. On average, when a user has 20 applications installed, you will witness a total decrease in average number of sessions per app, which stands at 94.2%.

The figures above sound alarming, but they don’t really reflect the reality of the situation. It is thought that this decrease applies to mobile apps that don’t stand out, and it simply reflects the need to develop mobile apps that will stand out and have a solid impact on users. Below are four ways you can create mobile apps that are outstanding and earn users’ loyalty.

Earn Loyalty for Your Mobile Apps User's


1. A LEAN and FRIENDLY APP produces user loyalty

You can’t afford to produce an app, upload it for public use and expect to earn of it forever without performing any upgrades. Remember, there are many competitors, and your app, if successful, will be overtaken by a competing app someday soon. The reason is; once you place your app out for public access, developers will study it, and try to beat it by offering users better features. It is this competition that keeps the mobile app development Los Angeles industry booming.

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App enthusiasts will not download your app once they get a competing app that offers them more. The bottom line is that you need to upgrade your app and even introduce better features so that your users remain loyal. Look at all the major mobile mobile apps available that have been in the market for a long time. They all have new features introduced and leverage newer technology available.

2. You will never survive without leveraging ANALYTICS AND METRICS

You’re blind without analytics. You will never know the performance of your app unless you leverage analytics. Analytics serves as your map of your app users that tells you about whether your app users continue using your app or stop using it. Analytics also tell you about your users’ behavior. This can help your mobile app development Los Angeles team to work out why your app either succeeds or fails.

You can learn more about your daily active users, as well as your monthly active users. Both figures are helpful when you have a game app in particular. These statistics are also helpful for comparing your week-to-week and month-to-month activity with your app. 

3. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS can’t be used alone

Loyalty to your app is also driven by Push Notifications aren’t just discounts, reminders and offers. Most users want to feel respected, and this is why there is now emphasis on coupon delivery. The result is; a redemption rate that is ten times higher in comparison with traditional coupons. However, you can’t afford to have your users wondering about spammy PN is you rely completely on a PN strategy.

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In addition to your PNs, other kinds of simple notifications, like images, which just wish your app users a good day or offer little bits of advice, can form a decent part of your overall strategy. There are numerous ideas that you can think up with this approach, which would certainly engage your users.

4. YOUR APP MUST leverage Social networks 

You can’t afford to have an app that’s not social. It simply has to be social if you want to engage people. Make it friendly and add all the viral hooks to attract more and more users. Never let your users feel that your app is obsolete, and you must be the one to engage your users because users will not engage you. Their job is to engage their contacts if they love the app and the features and functions that come along with it. Mobile Apps should be shared just as easy as you can access them.

It’s now well established that every month, there are around 1 billion monthly active users who access Facebook via mobile out of the social network’s huge following. You need to make sure you harness this huge opportunity by ensuring that your app is mobile friendly and can be accessed easily via mobile.

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5. The Fascinating Idea of Gamification

‘Fun’ is a key factor in learning anything and adhering to it. In neuropsychology, it is a well-established fact that human beings learn things easily and quickly when interaction is sustained and contextualized in a fun environment. This is true for the simplest of applications where you only need to tap your fingers.

With app gamification, you can offer your users a brilliant and fun-filled atmosphere. You can rapidly increase grown this way. You can easily leverage in-app purchase methods, and let your revenue build quickly. In the past three years, this has helped app owners multiply there earning 10 times over while offering services that users enjoy.

Finally, you must think of your app users as friends you must entertain. This is the approach that development companies like VeztekUSA  use, and it has made them successful. When you manage this, the rest becomes easy. A good way to start and come up with ideas that earn you loyalty is by asking your friends what they would like to see in your app.